14 July 2007

A meme with a difference

The easiest way to learn who I am and what I require is to pay attention to my music. Meeyauw tagged me with this meme:

Name between five and ten songs that have made an impact on your life. I'll leave it up to you to decide how many you wish to describe. Pass it onto five other people with a link back to your own post and this one as the original.

1. Song of Joy - I learnt this in the school choir for a Chrismas pageant or something and it always brings back the excitement of Christmas for me.

2. Memory - from the musical, Cats, sung by Barbra Streisand (she's the only one who can sing it). I had booked ages to see the show, then my cousin, to whom I was very close died. The funeral was on the Wednesday and our booking on the immediate Saturday. It has bitter/sweet memories for me.

3. Elizabethan Serenade - can't remember who by. But my aunt (the mother of the above cousin, who is also deceased) used to go into raptures every time she heard this piece of music. So this reminds me of her and my stays with my cousins during holidays.

5. Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt, and sung at my nephew's funeral last year. This was set to photos of Philip's life with his wife and little boy...starting from when they met. Heartrending.

6. Little Mr Baggy Britches - a children's song and dance routine learnt at a beach camp during the holidays when I was about eight years old.

7. All the Maori songs we used to sing at parties in New Zealand. Someone would always have a guitar and we'd have a wonderful sing along, doing harmonies and singing in English and/or Maori.

Those are my musical pieces which have had a bearing on different aspects of my life.

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Lee said...

Oh, Robyn...where do I begin? I'm going to have to give this much thought. There are so many songs, so many pieces of music, each special in its own way, with its own special memories. I could write on this forever!

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Like Lee, I will think about this before I post it. Last night I couldn't post comments on your blog and a lot of others. Glad
you are enjoying the photos and there will be more. Had a night off last night as John was here with Bec and me. So you are a Harry Potter fan.
Everyone to his own taste. I like
humorous or dramatic films with no
witchcraft. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Lee said...

I've put up a post on my blog, Robyn...listing but a few of my favourites...it's hard to know where to begin, let alone finish! ;)

Gattina said...

Thanks that you have thought of me ! Unfortunately it's already the 3rd time I am tagged for that, does my face look like a musical ? But I am unable to do it because when I know the song or music, I don't know who sings or composed it. I only recognize Elton John, Freddy Mercury, Elvis Presley, Robbie Williams, Phil Collins, Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Anastasia, that's about it, but gives you an idea of what kind of music I like. Gospels too.
You should see what happened to me this morning ! It was Friday 13 but one day later !

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Great list, Robyn. I have included the Barbara Streisand Memory on on the Blogger CD I have been working on. I just need to buy cases for them, and I can post them out.
Hope your weekend is going well.
Take care, hugs, Meow

Remiman said...

You are so right about being able to tell alot about people from their music!
I don't think I could list ony 5-10 songs. Music is and has been such a huge part of my life, I'd be hard pressed to list 50-100 songs that ave had an impact on my life. I have 1300 favorites on my iPod.

Walker said...

MeMe , is that the woman from the Drew Carey show?

Ok I will do it even though I don;t watch Drew Carey :)

It may take me a few days to find ten songs out of the thousands I love.

Have a nice weekend

RennyBA said...

Here from TorAA and glad I came by - great blog and good to know you through your meme too!

meeyauw said...

Wow, Robyn. We think alike and associate music and emotions and the past. But I am thinking that all women do. Your Maori songs are totally unknown to me, I find it fascinating.