16 August 2007

Catch Up What's Going On Around Here.

Ken is still in hospital. Jane has been there every day, all day keeping him company and helping him eat, etc. He is quite deaf and whether it's from the actual fall or all his sinuses full of blood and whatnot...the maxillofacial guy will figure out on Friday. They can't do anything before then because the internal swelling needs to subside. His flu seems to have gone to his chest so he has to have a CT today...poor thing, he's really done a good job on himself. On the positive side, he's walking around, albeit very carefully and eating as well as his face allows...and he's starting to grizzle, so Jane says he's improving...lol!

Elder Daughter had an email from Nick yesterday. He and Mayo go to collect the keys of their house and also to pick out colours for paint and tiles today...very exciting for them. They have a house full of furniture stored at Mayo's parents' place, so her parents will be glad to have all that moved I reckon. I'm going to get their engagement present this week and send it over. I've been looking and have several ideas, but it's the one that will be the easiest to post that will win the day.

I visited Younger Daughter yesterday as it was a public holiday and the kids were home from school. She had made some pecan and maple muffins as well as some chocolate chip and coconut ones...oh, decisions, decisions. I decided on the pecan and maple...delicious! Our neighbour, Seb, has a big roadside fruit and vege shop so I called in on the way and picked up two punnets of huge strawberries and a container of dipping chocolate...oh yum! Sweet, fresh, juicy strawberries dipped chocolate...sinfully scrumptious.

Anyway, Younger Daughter had told me she had decided to home school Harry. She was talking about it last year but work got in the way. She's not working now and decided it was a good time to start. Harry thinks it's great...until he has to do the actual school work. "It's like being at school," he complained. "That's right!" said his mother. "I'm your teacher now." I think Harry got a rude awakening when he realised that he couldn't just cruise, he had to actually do school work.

Apparently Gabbie wants to home school too. I can see where she's coming from, because at school in whatever subject they're doing, they might touch on something and Gabbie has felt she would like to know more. But the State school curriculum doesn't allow for too much in that respect, whereas home schooling does. And she's the type of kid who would do well, because she's pretty disciplined. It comes of playing representative and State League netball. There's so much training during the week, she's had to learn time management skills, which will serve her well later on.

So, Younger Daughter is turning teacher like a lot of families who have decided to pull their kids from the State system and home school. Apparently there's a pretty high Uni attendance rate from these kids, which goes to show it must be a pretty good system. It will be interesting anyway.

As for me...well, nothing much. I've escaped the flu, probably because of the vino quaffed...I'm too well preserved...

Yesterday, the air was blue around my place though. I was working from home and got this doctor whom we all dread doing work for. He talks flat out, slurs his words and holds the dictation recorder too close to his mouth which also distorts the words. It can take up to 20 minutes to do a one-and-a-half minute letter because of all the stopping and back tracking trying to figure out what he's saying. It's so frustrating, so I was letting fly with all sorts. Just as well no-one was home...

Cooper came to visit today and he's speaking more and more words each day. He says "up" for when he wants to get either up or down and "uk" is everything from stuck to yuk! He will chatter away in Cooperese and then you hear, "okay?" It's so funny. He's an absolute delight, though, a dear wee soul. Elder daughter is thankful he's so placid, although he can put on a paddy when he wants to, but it's usually when he's tired.

Anyway, that's enough burbling on...the weekend's just around the corner and the weather is getting warmer. There's a rumour we may have some rain in the weekend...yeah, right. I'll believe that when I see it.

Keep well and keep away from nasty flu bugs and people coughing and spluttering in public places...lol!


Gattina said...

Today I have exactly that ... the flu ! I am caughing, sneezing and don't feel well and on top of it an abess at one tooth ! I wonder what Harry thinks about houses in Holland, they are so small ! Homeschooling is not allowed in Europe only for very few exceptions when the child is disabled. Is there any control in homeschooling ? Sometimes there is also abuse the parents just don't want children to go to school and make them work instead. I personally think that being teached by a parent is not so good. (I would never have listened to my parents, lol ) Children should learn to be with other children and you can help them to complete what's missing at school.
I never was an Elvis fan either, I liked his songs but not the man ! We were travelling through Memphis I don't even remember why and that's why we visited Graceland but as I said it was a real disappointment !

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

WE have a lot of homeschooling here in the USA!! I would never have been able to do that!! My two daughters are just like me!! smile!! I do know a lot of people that do that though. Some of our schools are starting to get bad here. We moved from good schools up in Illinois which of course we did not know we were doing. Our youngest daughter is finding that out now. It is not so bad in the younger grades but the middle schools and high school is where the problems are at. Sounds like you have been really busy. We have not had the flu here yet but my parents in Illinois have told me that they have heard about it there. I hope you keep well!! Blessings, Sandy

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~Poor Ken sure did a good job on himself, I take it
Jane is better. Hope you dodge
the flu. So far so good.
Glad you liked the paintings by those people with their brush in their mouth. Truly
amazing. I hope your grandson will enjoy living inn Holland
Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.

T*mmy said...

I've a simular post today on the home school front...so proud of my daughter and grandchildren...she's been home schooling 3 years now...doing a great job and I would be willing to pit my grands' "smarts" with any of those public school kids! ;)

Val said...

Thank you for your birthday wishes, via Merle's blog. She has a lot to answer for!

I see you also link to Della. She hasn't posted for a while and hasn't responded to emails. Have you heard from her lately?

meeyauw said...

I'm staying OUT of that home schooling debate. I wish Ken would get over the flu. It's not good at his age (stating the obvious).

I learned what punnets are! I remembered a way I don't have to ask you to translate all the time. You have to see my blog to see how (which is shameless, rude promotion, I know, but I'm proud!)

I love that "dear wee soul": it's such a lovely British phrase.

Rumor HERE is for snow this weekend.
If it snows, even one tiny flake, I'll go out of my freaking mind.

Liz said...

I've been very remiss in visiting my blogging friends. I had one of those things that tells me if anyone has updated , but we (the royal we! meaning he) put in a new system and now I've lost it.

So I've missed out. What happened to Ken? Sounds nasty. Hope he's not too badly damaged.

I admire your daughter being willing to home-school. That takes much discipline as well as hard work.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Thanks for your comments, glad you liked the painting and photo
of my cousins' farm. And even the child swimming joke - Jim didn't like that one. I was a bit hesitant, but
it's all in fun. Take care my friend
Love, Merle.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That is quite a bit going on, Robyn. All sorts of things. My prayers continue for Ken.

I hope you have a grand weekend.

Lee-ann said...

Robyn, should you ever find yourself down in Melbourne and heading to Kyneton up the caulder highway I will be pleased to give you a tour around the op-shop lol lol lol lol! :)

Robyn watch yourself got out of the line of fire with that flu....O! and I hope it buckets down for you.


Gypsy said...

Poor Ken, that sounds terrible, hope he gets better soon. My poor Mum got a terrible dose of flu which has now been complicated with bronchitis. Thankfully I got over mine fairly quickly and am now well and truly on the mend.

Have a great weekend and thanks for your visits.

Lee said...

Poor Ken...I hope he's on the mend soon....what a blow!

I'm like you, I think, Robyn...I've too preserved from the vino, too! I enjoyed a bottle with a friend yesterday, so I'm even more preserved today! ;)