14 August 2007

More from the property

Here are the rest of the photos I took around the property.

Poinsettia. These also come in cream and a lovely dusky pink.

You wouldn't want to sit on this baby.

Not sure what these are, but they quite often grow along the side of the road. Here they're growing along the side of the driveway.

Vibernum. The red leaves are new growth. This is actually a hedge.

I think this is a type of Monstera. Whatever...it's taller than I am (163 cm).
A pedestal fish pond (complete with guppies) with dwarf papyrus and water lilies.

I am only working one day in the city this week...tomorrow is a public holiday...People's Day. It's for the Exhibition (Ekka) ie, when the country comes to the city. Unfortunately, due to this flu epidemic that we're in the throes of, people are staying away in their droves...apparently.

Sooooo...I think I may go avisiting tomorrow to see Younger Daughter and the kids. Haven't seen them for a day or two so it'll be nice to catch up.

Had a phone call from Mum on Sunday. I was telling her about Cooper's latest trick. We have a game show here called "Deal or No Deal" and he goes around saying "No Deal!". It's so cute. Mum was telling me about my cousin's grandson, who is a little older than Cooper, who lifts his cup of milk in the time honoured way and says "Sheers!" Kids are so funny at this age when they're learning to talk and they are such mimics...we really have to be careful what we say!
Nick and Mayo flew to Holland yesterday so Elder Daughter was a bit tearful. Can't say I blame her...he's her firstborn and flying the nest well and truly...to the other side of the world. I must admit I felt a bit down, but hey! We can save up and go and visit. They move into their house this week, so they have a lot to look forward to and there will be room for the Aussie relllies to come and stay. Yeah!

That's it for today. Keep well.


Gattina said...

And today Australia is just around the corner ! See the two of us ! It's not like 30 years ago when it was very difficult even to call and letters took 2 weeks at least !
Your cactus is just right for unwelcomed visitors, lol !
Missed that Randy Andy has dated a blond I heard that he is still in love with Fergy ! (Very important news !)

meeyauw said...

You have an exotic blend of plants. And to have pointsettia growing in the ground! Green leafy things next to cactus. A hedge like that is a beautiful hedge.

Since I don't go on planes, it would be devastating to me to have family move so far away. I'm glad you are able to fly to see them.

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, the flu scare seems to have hit the Ekka now, didn't seem to make much difference for the first couple of days.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Great photos - the cactus looks deadly, Poinsettias lovely
and the others are so nice too. You have e mail and can send photos to and from Holland, so don't be sad.
Kids all have to grow up and live their own lives. Glad you liked the proof that I do compute!!
Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.

meeyauw said...

I have to tell you, Robyn. Last night (my night), you became the ten thousandth visitor to the blog! Congratulations!! And thank you so much!

T*mmy said...

My newest grandson was by today and is 4 years old...I'm so tired...I never knew a kid could ask so many questions...and they were only here an hour...whewww...

Lee said...

Firstly, Robyn...that is a Kalanchoe...that succulent you weren't sure about.

I've not been to the "Ekka" for years and years...and have no intention of going, flu or no flu hovering over everyone's heads.

I'm just catching up with blogs...as you know...I couldn't type anything at all yesterday until early evening...only I can freeze a keyboard! ;)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Those are wonderful photo of really neat exotic plants! Thanks for sharing. (Now I really wish that I could get back into gardening).

Liz said...

Lovely plants!

And a visit to Holland to look forward to. Hope Elder daughter (and sister) aren't too down. Sometimes I thinik it is the days leading up to an event (like someone going away) that are worse; once it happens, you can get on with getting on with it.

(Oh, I like my word there 'thinik'!)

RennyBA said...

Lovely pics from your property - very exotic for a Norwegian you know!

Hope you have a wonderful People's Day!

Walker said...

Great pictures and I have one or two maybe three of that kind of cactus and yes you dont want to sit on it especially with shorts on lol

Its a small world no a days and like you said, you can always go visit :)