13 August 2007

From the Garden

I went out and took some photos of different flowers around our place, then Fred and the boys came home (Jane was at the hospital with Ken), Graham, a neighbour came over, and we just had to sit down and have a couple of glasses of wine. The weather is getting warmer and last evening it was warm enough to sit on the patio for a couple of hours...lovely!

Anyway here are a few of the photos I took, I'll put the rest on tomorrow,

A cottage garden on a pedestal...petunias, alyssum and lobelias

A potted maidenhair fern

A hanging thingy. This particular plant will grow from any part that breaks off and is actually quite spectacular when hung in a high place.

Clivia...suppposedly named after Clive of India, from whence these purportedly originated.

A delicate pink azalea

One of Fred's orchids which is faintly perfumed.

Fred's cattlya orchid...it has a definite perfume.


Lee-ann said...

Hello my queensland friend, well the orchids are beautiful along with the other flowers, I am almost jealious that you can sit outside for a drink or two.....Now why do I live here again?? lol lol lol.

So gald Ken is going to be ok. I enjoyed reading all your posts I had missed.

best wishes to you. Lee-ann

Mountain Mama said...

The orchids are gorgeous. I had no idea that orchids were fragrant.
I love your pedestal planter with the allysum, petunias and lobelia. The color combination is really pretty. I think Alyssum smells like honey.
I love sitting outside in the mornings.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Loved seeing all the plant, the orchids and that cottage garden .nice. The one that grows from a piece, I think is called Donkey's Tail.
Thanks for your comments about my cute little G G D s, and that was a good story, so lucky the fellow went home that way and finally decided to help. Take care, Love, Merle.

T*mmy said...

Oh how pretty they all are...I take it you are moving into spring now? I'm so glad you got to sit outside and enjoy!

Walker said...

Very nice flowers.
They not only brighten the garden but you day as you are sitting amongst them.

PEA said...

A hanging thingy?? Can't say I've ever heard of that kind! LOL Such beautiful flowers...I so wish we could grow orchids here but of course it's not hot enough here for them. Glad to hear that it's starting to warm up nicely over there...here we're starting to get the cooler mornings and evenings but it's still going up to the mid 20's in the daytime. xox

meeyauw said...

They are beautiful. I find I am having a hard time with your seasons and weather. Now I know how warm your winters are: so are these flowers blooming all winter? Or are they just beginning to bloom because winter is ending?

I am glad you posted these; it gives me a better vision of where you live!

Lee said...

Great pics of great flowering plants, Robyn. Enough to put a smile on this face of mine! :)

Liz said...

A hangy thingy - that's my sort of name!