12 August 2007


My daughter and her partner came and picked me up about 11.30 and we had an hour to travel to get to Nick's farewell, with a stop off for some diesel and then to pick to a couple of elephant toilet rolls of hay (those huge round bales of the stuff). So by the time we got to Nick's, it was about 1.00 pm and only a few others were there.

We were quite pleased with that because it was more of a family time for us. Then Nick got the barbecue going and cooked up rissoles, sausages and steak. The kids had done a wonderful job with the food. Nick paid for it all, Stacey and Mayo made salads and things, we took over dips, corn chips and crackers and I had made a huge quiche which was still warm.

This was the combined engagement party for Nick and Mayo, Nick's birthday and also his farewell. They fly to Holland tomorrow (Monday).

Stacey, my granddaughter and Nick's only sister, had spend weeks making a special farewell photo album for Nick and gave it to him yesterday. She is very creative and had made a lovely job of it. I think Nick was pleased with it, he certainly had fun looking through it.

A couple of hours later a few more people arrived and by about 5.30 pm, it was starting to crank up with Nick's friends and we decided it was time to go. Little Cooper was running a bit of a temperature and my daughter wanted to get him home. So it was a very fast trip home. She gave Cooper some Baby Panadol and after about 10 minutes his temp came down and he looked and sounded a bit brighter, although still glassy-eyed.

She rang me this morning and apart from a bit of a blocked nose, Cooper is fine, thank goodness. High temperatures in babies brings on visions of febrile convulsions, rushed trips to hospital and all that scary stuff. Fortunately, it didn't happen.

Below are a few photos from yesterday.
I'm disappointed...I thought I had got some photos of Nick and Mayo, but I must have used someone else's camera, i.e Nick or Mayo's. Damn!

Nick having something amusing pointed out to him by his mother whilst checking out the photo album made for him by Stacey.

L to R: Anthony, Stacey holding Cooper, Nick (behind) and their mother, Toni

L to R: Nick, Moi, Anthony, Stacey and Cooper


Walker said...

It's nice that you got there ahead of his gang of friends and had some time to spend with him as a family.

Lee said...

It sounds like you had a lovely afternoon, Robyn. I'm glad the panadol worked for Cooper...poor little fellow. I hope he's a lot better by now.

Gattina said...

I think that's the first time I see your face ! seemed to have been a nice get together. I came home yesterday evening with a bleeding heart, but then I was compensated from little Rosie who was so happy that I returned. I had a wonderful stay and met quite a lot of people my friend is from Irish origin and really has an open house ! Although they are only two she always has enough in her fridge to feed some other people. She cooked real english food and it was a bit difficult for me it is all very fat and I am not used to it. But it went well.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Appears to have been a grand Saturday, Robyn. A blessed day!

meeyauw said...

There you are!! You are gorgeous and nice to meet you! That was a big day; I would've left then too (or earlier!)

A loon: water birds. But I got some poor photos I will be posting today sometime. They are a HUGE deal and the lakes they nest on are off-limits to motor boats. Islands are off-limits to everything except the loons. People come from all over to view them. They carry their babies on their backs. They have a "looney" call in the wild, even in the middle of the night. They can barely walk on land.

So hopefully you will see a loon when you come here! ;0)

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn, Looks like you had a wonderful day and the food yummy,and pleased Cooper was feeling a little better after he had some Panadol,,,(((Hugs)))