08 August 2007

A Mixed Bag Today

Harry arrived home; the patients behaved; I have been promoted; I've been offered a job; and my neighbour's father is in hospital.

Yep, Harry arrived home this morning and I had a chat to him when I got home from work. I rang my daughter and Harry answered the phone and to cut the story short, they are coming for lunch tomorrow. I'm so happy about it all.

And our patients behaved themselves today...which was nice. Actually we had a lot of laughs at work today, I think it was a reaction from yesterday. One of our guys is fairly quiet but with a lethally quick wit and he had us in hysterics at lunch time today. One of the secretaries had a fluffy scarf and yesterday, G said she had a ferret around her neck. Today, the secretary said to him, obviously carrying the joke on from yesterday, "I got attacked by a ferret last night." G came straight back with, "It was trying to mate with that thing around your neck!"

* * * * * * * *

Talking about work...my work from home that is. I have now been promoted to Quality Assurance. Sounds good but basically it's proofreading everyone else's work. But it pays really well. I also had a lovely email from NTS about one guy's work that I do. He's an orthopaedic surgeon with a very strong accent. He also mumbles and slurs his words. Then he insists on dictating his operation reports in theatre and I swear they're still doing the op. The noise is incredible...crashing and banging, people talking and laughing, the radio playing, machines beeping in the background (thankfully, I haven't heard a "flat line" yet...eeek), no wonder I start saying all those funny words.

Anyway apparently, according to Paul, my work on this surgeon's reports is "fantastic". I was really chuffed when I read that...because it drives me nuts at times and the air around here can get pretty blue when I'm doing Dr F's work.

Then I was offered another job working from home, but the drought I had a couple of weeks ago has broken well and truly and there's heaps of work now, so I turned it down. And of course, now that I've got the QA work, I don't have to worry so much either. So that's all turned out well.

* * * * * * * *

Then when I arrived home tonight, Fred came over and told me that Ken, Jane's father, had been taken to hospital. I mentioned the other day he was coming down with that nasty flu. He tried to get out of bed to use the loo or something, became dizzy and weak, fell and hit his face fairly badly. He's got concussion, a broken nose, black eye and all this on top of the flu...poor Ken. So I think they're keeping him in overnight. This happened about five hours ago and Jane's not home yet, so I hope Ken's not too bad.

So, that was today..quite a mixed bag and a bit of a change from yesterday...


Peter said...

Glad to hear that today was (in the main) a better day.

PEA said...

Great news that Harry is now back home safely...I'm sure you'll enjoy having them over for lunch:-) It's wonderful that your work has been complimented on...makes all the swearing worth it eh? LOL Oh dear, I do hope Jane's dad is now back home? The poor man, he certainly will be sore for the next little while!! My prayers are with him!! xox

T*mmy said...

I used to work in a medical office and the dictaion secerataries were down one hall...I would collect the records from them and many was the day they would have the air "blue" as you said, as they tried to sifer what the doc wanted said.
Glad you could have fun in the office! It always helps to laugh!

jellyhead said...

Congratulations Robyn on the promotion :)
I loved the 'ferret mating' quip - very witty! Sounds like a nice place to work (when patients aren't having hissy fits!)
Sorry to hear about Ken's illness and fall - hope he gets better quickly.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Well, Robyn, it sounds as if you have quite a good day. May tomorrow be even better.

Lee said...

Good for you, Robyn...yesterday's gone and today brought huge bonuses and tomorrow, you're going to have a wonderful lunch and get-together. :)

Merle said...

Hi Dear Robyn ~~ Glad you had a much better day after yesterday. Well done with your work promotion and having fun at work. Wonderful news that Harry is safely home again and I hope you all have a lovely lunch tomorrow,
Thank you so much for your kind words about my grandson, Joh, going into the Armed Forces, Good luck with the meatloaf. It tastes wonderful, but mine was a bit breaky when I cut it but with gravy on it , it was very nice.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Gattina said...

Besides the accident these are all good news ! and Harry certainly is happy to be home again ! I once had to work for a guy from Texas and I can tell you his accent was horrible ! Fofo was forty four for example I went mad with him !
Saturday I go back home, sigh* ! It goes by so quick ! But I am happy to see my little Rosie again, it seems that she misses me and waits on my bed.

gledwood said...

Hey you won Liz's smoozing award as well! Congratulations... I was wondering what "Robyn" she meant ...duh!
Hey what IS your job? Proofreading ... the local newspaper..? Or something else

sorry if that is a really retarded obvious question but I looked in your profile and down the posts and ...most probably my talent for missing things has kicked in most monumentally..! But I still don't know the answer!

Walker said...

I bet you are happy Harry is back home.
I hope ken is ok and I can relate to what happened to him. I got sick 3 years ago with the flu and got an ear infection with it and at one stage the world spun out of control and down I went threw a coffee table shattering it and the leg of the table just missing my face.
Moral if you are sick stay in bed and crawl tot he washroom if you need to go.

meeyauw said...

It's been awhile since I have visited and things are hopping over there with you. Congratulations on the well-deserved praise. Is this outside/garden work to be done now with the drought over?

I am anxious to hear about Jane's dad.