07 August 2007

People Behaving Badly

Why do they do it? You know the people I mean. They demand, abuse and swear when they can't have things their way.

A couple of weeks ago a woman came into the practice and swore at our little junior and upset her dreadfully. There is another patient who is so litigious, we're scared to breathe around him. Then today a woman came in who was a total doozy. Unfortunately the specialist she was booked into see had a couple of emergencies and was running late. Well, that didn't suit her majesty at all. She kept coming up to reception and demanding to see one of the other doctors who were, fortunately for them, completely booked out for today. She then went around other patients in the waiting room and started stirring them up about how long they've waited...we nearly had a riot. All caused by this one woman.

Yet, she was as nice as pie to the doctor, came out and paid her bill and swanned off as sweet as pie. The doctor in question reckoned she was mad! Whatever...she had a problem and everyone else suffered for it.

I am so pleased I no longer work on the front desk dealing with cranky patients. Some of those people ought to visit an Oncology practice...now that's where people have their priorities right. They have a life-threatening illness, have to undergo the most diabolical treatment in the form of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, some are even terminal. Yet their outlook on life is amazing. They are serene, happy and treat other people so well.

But you get someone who has a real or imaginary illness (yes, there a few of those), they're nowhere near dying and they treat the staff like dirt. Then wonder why they get no sympathy.
Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
Right, I've got that out of my hair, thanks for listening. Have a good week.


meeyauw said...

I'll listen any old time, Robyn! Anytime you work with the public I guess you run into this. You should hear Amy rant! I'm surprised they have any business left!

I wonder if that awful lady was scared to death. I would be, but I would be in a corner quivering. Those imaginary illnesses:: I know them! I'm one of those that just won't go to the doctor about them cause I know how nuts they are!!

Hope your friends are recovering well from the flu.

Gattina said...

I swear I was not in your practise not even with a wig, unfortunately there will always be people without any education ! I enjoy my holidays very much, there are a lot of seagulls, the sea is blue and the little english coast towns just lovely. I still find time to fight with the english keyboard !

Walker said...

I think if they don;t give respect then they dont deserve any.
I have been called into the bosses office because of me bracing a customer.
Hell when i worked for the ice company some store owner got in my face about running out of ice and us not dropping all the other calls we had and rushing to him.
I got take kindly to having my eyelashes curled by someone who needed more than just a mint.

When i pulled into the workshop my boss was on the street begging me to drive the fifty miles back and give him his freezer back.

HA like that happened, besides i sold it filled with ice to his competator down the street.

A week later one was delivered to him once more and when ever i stopped by to fill it with ice he was a lamb.

I guess what i am trying to say is if people let people like this get away with it all the time then they will cointinue to do it.

Have a nice day

Peter said...

Did you have a bad day Robyn?

Lee said...

I guess it's the only way some people get notice taken of them, sad though it is. I don't know why people have to behave that way, but they do. Fortunately, they are in the minority, but it's a minority, unfortunately that are memorable! ;)