20 August 2007


It's been raining since lunch time yesterday...need I say more? But...get this, we've got more coming! Yep, tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. There's even a severe weather warning, but that's only if anyone's dopey enough to go swimming in the big seas that are being forecast from tomorrow on.

For the first time in years, my towels didn't dry hanging under the patio yesterday. They're still there today and it looks like I may have to use the dryer to finish them off (that's if it still goes...heheh! It hasn't been used for so long).

I kept waking up during the night worried the rain may have stopped, but no, it was still raining so I went back to sleep again. It's not raining at present, but that doesn't mean anything, it could start again at any time. We have low cloud, very little wind...so, it'll rain again shortly.

It's sooooo exciting. Apparently our big tanks were pretty low, so Fred said.

* * * * * * * *
Ken's still in hospital and Jane has been worrying herself sick all over the weekend because they ordered a CT chest on Friday. She immediately thought the worse, but I reckon they're just being careful and ensuring there's nothing untoward going on. That's the thing sometimes with our job (Jane does the same work as me), a little knowledge is worse than none.

Anyway, he may be home around Wednesday, as in the day after tomorrow. That will make it two weeks since he was first admitted, so fingers crossed. I'll be glad to see him home, I've missed the chats over coffee with my mate, although he won't be his old self for a little while.

Anyway, not much else happening in this neck of the woods, so I'm going to buzz off and make a chicken casserole for dinner tonight. Hooroo!


Peter said...

Hi Robyn, you've done better than us (Gympie) with the rain so far, it didn't start here until about 8pm but then it rained fairly heavily most of the night.
Hope there is lots more on offer.ieynviyo

Gattina said...

You are happy when it rains so I should be happy all the time lol ! But I am not I am fat up. We should mix our climas then it would be ideal ! Arthur came home yesterday wet til the bones he even looked skinny ! When I tried to dry him with a kitchen towel he growled ! Unthankful cat !

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Enjoy the rain, Robyn. I hope you get enough but not too much.

Ken remains in my prayers.

Remiman said...

Glad you're getting the much neded rain.
I hope All turns out well for yoour friend Ken!
Have a great week.

T*mmy said...

So glad to hear you are getting rain...I hear the traffic outside my window sloshing through our rain...started this afternoon and I have a feeling it will go till morning!

meeyauw said...

finally your rain is coming! another blessing. i read ahead so I know that Ken, thankfully, is home. I'm thinking they gave him that scan to make sure they could send him home? Once in awhile what we worry about doesn't come true.