20 August 2007

Update on Ken

He's home! He and Jane snuck home when I wasn't looking! I heard the dogs going off, but they're always going off at something and I didn't take any notice. Then I saw Jane a few minutes ago, went to get an update and that's when I found out the news.

However, I didn't go over because he pretty buggered and was lying down. I'll pop over and see him after work tomorrow.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...


Gypsy said...

Now being a new reader and all I haven't quite caught up on who Ken is but I am very glad to hear that he is home where he belongs.

Glad you got some much needed rain too.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Glad to know that everyone is back in their nest where they belong!! I know it is great to be getting rain too. You guys really really need it. I talk with Lee-Ann there in Australia. i don't know if you do or not but she is always saying that they need rain. We here in Georgia always need it too. it is very HOt. Right now the threat of hurricane Dean in Texas is the worry for the USA. it is not close to us thank goodness!!
I did get a new potty top out of my stupidity yesterday!! Today I have to get in the newly painted bathroom and clean up our floor and get it all back together. It looks nice!! Thanks for stopping by!! SAndy

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Glad Ken is home and hope he soon feels much better.
Lovely to get some good rain, hope it
continues and then comes down to us.
Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

PEA said...

Great news about Ken now being back home!! It won't be long before you have your mate to have coffee with:-) Poor man sure has gone through a lot in the last two weeks! Woohoo, more great news about finally getting rain!! We're supposed to get some later this week:-) xox

Lee said...

I bet Ken's happy to be back on his home turf, too, Robyn.

This rain is wonderful, isn't it? I hope it rains and rains for days and days. I'm loving it!

Walker said...

I have just finished playing catc h up and am happy to hear Ken is back home in his own roost.

I agree with you, knowing things especially about medicine does cause for more worry when you think of the worse for the wrong reasons but it is safe to be sure.

It sound like the country is getting a good wasahing from the amount of water you're getting but I understand you need it and is a good thing.

Have a nice day and welcome back Ken