30 September 2007

It's All Over...

Yes, the day has passed and today I'm in a zombie like state...I slept for three-and-a-half hours this afternoon, later had a couple of wines and some nibbles with Jane and Fred and don't think I'll be long out of bed tonight. The last four days have been so hectic, but it was worth it yesterday.

On Thursday I went down to Toni's and, along with others, we swept, scrubbed and polished everything to within an inch of its life.

Friday, I was back again, this time to help Suzie decorate the gazebo and work out how to position the tables. That was only for the morning...not too bad. My brother and SIL came for dinner with me and then Friday evening I collapsed into bed.

Saturday morning I was up at 4.00 am and made thousands (or so it seemed) of asparagus as well as smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls for supper that night. My brother and SIL came for breakfast (bacon and eggs and also some raisin toast and coffee), then it was back down to Toni's place. Decorated the tables (frantic trip up to the shops for some flowers in the colour scheme)...oops! clothes still on the line...not a good look, got those down, folded them, hid them in the laundry and retracted the washing line. Darryl covered Cooper's sandpit, I polished the bar then suddenly realised I was going to be late for my hair appointment if I didn't get a move on.
Raced home, jumped in the shower and tore off to Grand Plaza for my hair appointment. I was five minutes early...but they were running late, so I was given a complimentary treatment and 15 minute head massage...absolute bliss. Finally got back home at 2.00 pm. I was being picked up at 3.00 pm. Did my makeup, got dressed and had about 15 minutes just to sit...bad move, I almost fell asleep. I was seriously wondering how I was going to stay awake for the rest of the day.

That was not a problem, fortunately. My brother and SIL, plus another brother, arrived. We had a glass of wine each and arrived at Toni's about 3.15 pm. I wanted to get photos of the decorations and the tables before the guests arrived. Finally, four o'clock arrived and the bride was fashionably late.

The tension rose...then the call came that she was on her way. Five minutes later we saw the car winding its way up the drive. It pulled up behind the screen that had been erected beside the lawn. Nothing happened...then the bridesmaid, Stacey, Toni's 18-year old daughter appeared under the bridal arch. She looked absolutely beautiful. The music had started and she slowly made her way up to the gazebo scattering red rose petals as she went. We, the guests, had been given tiny bottles of bubble liquid and we blew these as the bridal party made its way to the gazebo.

Then...Toni and her father made their appearance from behind the screen. John had the proud father of the bride grin and Toni looked breathtaking in a beautiful cream strapless gown. She also looked a bit teary and I could feel my eyes pricking. "Don't cry, Toni." I commanded, "Don't cry!" So she didn't, for which I was supremely thankful. I would have looked less than preposessing with mascara running down my cheeks.

The celebrant conducted a simple but lovely celebration and...they were married. We all cheered and clapped. Joan, Darryl's mother, and I were very pleasantly surprised. We were called to come to the gazebo and be their witnesses for the signing of the legal documents. That was a lovely touch, to include us in the celebration as they did.

After that, it was photo time. The photographer, a very imaginative young man, climbed up onto the roof of the gazebo and took photos of us all looking up at him. There were photos of the bride and groom with everyone and finally, the reception. My brother, Colin, was the MC and gave a very amusing speech with snippets of Toni's life given to him by her grandmother and myself. The toasts were over, the guests fed and watered and the partying commenced.

Guests danced, Toni sang a couple of songs with the band at requests from her husband and her uncles. Champagne flowed and we all had a wonderful time. Unknown to Toni, Darryl had organised a mock strip to the Joe Cocker tune, "You Can Take Your Hat Off", which was very clever and amusing. He and his best man were in top hats and tails for the day, but he only took his hat, jacket, waistcoat and socks off...thank goodness.

It was a beautiful day, a beatiful ceremony and a great party...and I'm glad it's over. We all met for brunch this morning, my brother and SIL went to Maroochydore to stay with our other brother and I went home and slept. Oh...and it didn't rain or storm.

The Bridal Tables

Looking up towards the bridal tables.

The wedding cake.

Anthony with little brother, Cooper, and proud granddad in the background.

Stacey getting ready to scatter the rose petals...note the bubbles.

Toni with her proud Daddy.

During the ceremony.

"You may kiss the bride."


Gledwood said...

Hey I'm glad it turned out a perfect day!
Plus that you had a good photorapher.
My stepmum keeps saying I should be a wedding photographer because I do have some imagination.... let's famous they are famous mostly for NOT having any imagination at all!
May the union be lifelong and perfectly happy!

Gledwood said...

ps I posted up some classic Prisoner Cell Block H if you're interested!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...


One of my greatest joys has been to officiate weddings.

I’m sure you are exhausted!

Gattina said...

Without the preparation stress the wedding seemed to have been a full success ! The pictures came out very nice, I like the table decoration and the cake very much. What a great day ! and you even were lucky with the weather ! I am sure tonight you won't need a sleeping pill, lol !

Granny said...

What a day you had!!

The pictures are lovely. I'm glad it all went off so well.

Walker said...

Wow I just caught up on your posts.

First congrats to the bride and groom

You are a whirlwind aren't you? Everything looked beautiful and i know you help make their day a memorable one.

Liz said...

what a perfect day! I'm glad it all went so well. And doesn't the bride look happy?

But where's your photo?!!

Lee said...

It looks like it was a wonderfully relaxed affair, Robyn...everything is so beautiful and I'm sure you all had a great time.

See...I told you it wouldn't storm! ;)

Thanks for sharing the lovely event with us.

Andrée said...

thank you for taking the time to write and post this. i don't know how you did it! I would do one-quarter of what you did in four times the days! go rest! The photos were great, the kiss sublime, the tables beautiful.

Gypsy said...

If I were ever to do it all again, this is what I would choose. Casual, intimate and lovely. You all did a great job with the decorating and I'm sure Toni and her husband appreciated all your efforts. Thanks for sharing.

T*mmy said...

I loved seeing all the wedding photos! Love the color purple and the cake is very lovely...looks like you all had a very good time!