27 September 2007

A Quickie

Hi All

A quick post today...I picked up my outfit. Yeesssss! I destemmed the mulberries and put them in the freezer (and ended up with stained fingers and nails, the nails I'm carefully cultivating to be shaped and polished for The Day). I've booked my hair appointment. Guests fly in tonight, so it's trips to the airport. Today, I'm cleaning...floors, windows, cupboards...you name it, nothing's safe.

Work? Bugger work, I've got too many more important things to do than earn money.

Tomorrow, it's up at sparrow fart, around to my daughter's to do the last minute tweaking of things, putting up decorations, putting up tables (I knew the influx of rellies would be handy). Tomorrow night...no hen's night or buck's party as such, just family and close friends and a few quiet drinks with a communal take out meal of some kind...and relax before The Day.

The wedding is at four o'clock and guess what? A storm is predicted, however we say they never get it right...let's hope not for Saturday. Years ago we could set our watches by the four o'clock summer storms...they never failed us. But that was before the weather went weird, although the storm we had last Saturday arrived at four...well, at our place it did. It may have been earlier or later elsewhere.

So, it's the day after tomorrow...in the Southern Hemisphere at least...so far, all is bubbling along nicely but there may be a minor crisis or two. There usually is, but they usually get resolved too. As I locked my keys in the car yesterday, that precludes me doing it on Saturday...hopefully.
Saturday morning will be putting up the last of the decorations, setting tables and decorating them with candles and little glittery wedding sprinkles, etc. One o'clock hair appointment, get into my finery, put the makeup on (it actually does make a difference...for the better, too) and make it to the venue by about 3.30.
Then...after the ceremony and reception...it will be time to party! I'll tell you all about it...however, I'm not promising anything for Sunday. Apparently, we're all going out for Sunday Brunch...and then I'm going to need to collapse in a heap.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

“Bugger work, I've got too many more important things to do than earn money.”

Well said!

Gypsy said...

Hope the wedding is heavenly and that the storm stays away. Glad you got your outfit, that must be a relief. Hope you are going to post some pics so we can all see how glam you look.

meeyauw said...

take lots and lots of photos for us, ok? LOL Here you are, your daughter getting married and I'm harping on stuff for us!

It'll be a wonderful day no matter what the weird weather decides to do!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Great!! Glad you found that outfit you have been looking for..now onto that BIG DAY!!! Take it easy if you can and TRY your best to ENJOY the day!! It will be here and over before you know it...Sandy

Lee said...

Don't forget to spare a moment to take your breath, Robyn! ;)

Well, I guess that can wait until Sunday brunch is over!

Have a wonderful time...I know you all will. There will be no storm...the storm will come on Sunday afternoon and then you'll be too exhausted to notice it! ;)

Mountain Mama said...

Finding the dress was the hardest part for me when my youngest son was married. I was so glad when the wedding was over!!
I'm glad you found yours. Have a happy day.

Gledwood said...

Aren't mulberries meant to be the nicest berries of all?... I can't strictly remember... but I do seem to recall the mulberry bush is the one the silkworm lives in... is that right?

"Tomorrow, it's up at sparrow fart"...

what DOES this mean?!?

Gledwood said...

Oh I see you mean up at the crack of dawn what an odd expression (an Aussie one?)... all the best with the wedding... no storm can dampen a great day ... it might not even come and at worst it will just make it more of a day to remember!

Gattina said...

While I am reading this for you this day is already over and I hope it all went well. I am looking forward for a wedding reportage !

BTW I publish on Sunday 30 my reportage about the Garda Lake so when you have time, have a look. It doesn't run away, lol !