24 September 2007

The Second Lot of Photos

For some reason Picasa only uploads four photos at a time, which is a bit of pain when you have more than four, like I had eight!

Gerberas with a cycad in the background. Cycads are very old plants and are known as dinosaur food as they have been around since then.

Not sure what this is, but is suitably weird. The foliage in the background is murraya and when it flowers has a lovely scent.

Mulberries...Ken and I picked some for pies. This tree is absolutely enormous about four metres high with a huge diameter. There are enough mulberries to share with the birds, the fruit bats, the possums and anyone else who likes them.

Posted by PicasaThese will be turned into pies in the next day or so.


Lee said...

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Mulberry pie!!

Nice lot of pics, Robyn.

We must be bitten by the spring bug...I potted some plants today!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Forget Picasa and load your graphics directly from your computer onto your post via the icon on Blogger, It’s much simpler—unless you use IE as your browser.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

That's right you are going into Spring now!! I always forget that!! We are just entering FALL here although you would not know it here in Georgia!! it is 93 today!! Smile!
Beautiful flowers.

Snow White said...

our mullberry tree is going crazy this year too lol and the passionfruits too. GOOD TO POP IN AND CATCH UP LOL

Gattina said...

I am a hopless case when it comes to plants ! For me all is green and looks nice. If there are fruits it's even better. But I am unable to recognize a plant !
Mr. Gattino has now to recuperate from his reporter job in Italy ! Equipped with two cats he sleeps a lot ! I try to catch up with the comments and have to prepare my post for the Cyber Cruise where I show pictures of the Garda Lake. As uploading pictures with Blogger is a hopeless task, (it took me 4 hours to upload 5 pictures yesterday), I now try photobucket which works well at least I can upload 100 pictures in one shot and have also the html code.

Anonymous said...

I remember going blackberry picking with Mum when I was a child. When we got home, she would bake pies, and we would scoff them all that night. Happy memories! Listen chicken... why did'nt you get me to do the cake for the big event this weekend... I would have done it for free! xox Nic

Liz said...

Thye look lovely. Very juicy and tasty.