15 September 2007

State (or maybe National?) Reps in the Making

Gabbie's netball team won the grand final last night against Caboolture...43-36. This is Gabbie's first year playing State League netball, as it was for the rest of her team mates, so they have done extremely well...and I have hardly any voice today from all the screaming and yelling I did.
Last week, in the semi-final, there were Jimboomba (us), Brisbane, Toowoomba and Cabooolture. Our girls played Toowoomba and won, so this week was going to be a particularly tough game...and it was. Right up to the last seven minutes in the last quarter, Jimboomba led with between four and seven points, then tragedy! The others caught up, it was a tie at 33 all and Caboolture scored another point...oh no! They weren't going to lose, not at that late stage.

Then one of the Jimboomba girls was injured in a particularly rough piece of play. Gabbie (as co-captain) yelled that they need to win this, so let's get to it! And they did...it was is if they wanted to get revenge for the injury...Caboolture never had a chance after that.

There were a lot of supporters there for Jimboomba, even from the other teams that lost to them, and their coaches were generous enough to congratulate them on excellent (and clean) playing. I thought that showed true sportsmanship and was very proud of the girls. I also found out last night the level they are playing at is only two down from the Queensland Firebirds, the State team, and Gabbie is trialling for the under 17 Queensland team next month. Fingers crossed...we might have a budding Australia player here...woohoo!

After the presentation, everyone went to McDonald's to celebrate...and let me tell you, I remember now why I don't eat Macca's food...bleh, it's totally gross!

Tonight is Jimboomba's Rep dinner which is being held at the Golf Club in Beaudesert...the adults are getting ready to celebrate well and truly...they've got plenty to celebrate.

Fred came over before with a huge grin on his face. The team he coaches, and the one his youngest son plays in, won their final, too. We breed champions around this place...heheh!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Congratulations to Gabbie and the team. Please suggest they avoid Mickey D’s: the “food” can be dangerous to their health.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Glad that Gabbie's team had a great win.Thanks for yourcomments - I was going to say wind makes me cranky, but I said irritable. Did you get any rain from the thunder you heard? Kids all love Maccas food. I like their hot cakes with maple syrup.
Thanks for all the goodies you send via e mail. Take care, Love, Merle.

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn, Congratulations to Gabbies team on a great win,Im not a Macca's fan but the kids love it.Macca's are now building in our town and will be open for Xmas..

meeyauw said...

OMG I didn't know you had McDonald's there. We ARE poisoning the world. My apologies.

Gypsy said...

Congratulations to Gabbie and her team. Well done and hope your throat isn't too sore. My daughters have been in a few netball grand finals in the past and have lost every one. They never did get to play in a winning one before they turned all their attentions to dancing.