13 September 2007

Anna Makes History

Anna Bligh is Queensland's first woman premier. Congratulations to her and I'm sure she will make a fine leader for Queensland. She had been touted to eventually take the top job for so long now that the news she actually had was really no surprise to Queenslanders.

I saw her one day in the Queen Street Mall...this was several years ago...and I was quite impressed after listening to what she had to say. I get the feeling that Ms Bligh is a no nonsense, hard headed leader who is well able to stand up to some of the bullying she is bound to get from some disgruntled party members as well as opposition members. It's going to be very interesting indeed and a poll taken suggested that she has been a good choice with roughly 70% of people polled supporting her nomination. Whatever...she is now premier and I for one think she will do a damn good job. Congratulations, Anna.

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Meanwhile Peter Beattie was in tears at leaving his staff although I don't think he was sorry to be retiring from the job of premier of Queensland. He was a controversial figure, who infuriated some people and delighted others with his down to earth, take it or leave it attitude. Personally, I like him, although as Peter from Holtie's House said a couple of days ago, he had lost the plot over the last few months. It's true...he made some really bad decisions and had to back track on them, however he had the grace to admit his bad choices.

The press loved him because he was very news worthy and always had a comment that could provoke screaming headlines in the Courier-Mail. He was a farm raised kid, born into poverty and raised by his grandmother. He was arrested during the height of the Joh Administration in the 70s who tried to clamp down on demonstrations. In short, he was a man of conviction, whether people agreed with him or not.

All the best to you and Heather, Peter. I, for one, enjoyed your term as Premier and I think you did well in appointing Anna Bligh as your successor.


Granny said...

I wish your new leader well.

Gattina said...

I am more and more convinced that women do a better job in politics ! We have one here who was the only one to fight against these crazy flemish people who want to make a flemish country out of Belgium. Even the flemish don't agree to that.
I have two little videos of Arthur on my blog ! Since I discovered how to do it I have to do it of course, lol! So you can see Arthur "life" ! Tomorrow we leave for a week to the Garda Lake in Italy but I will post a vidio of Rosie and Arthur on Cats on Tuesday. I hope I get quickly internet connection there !

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, nice to see you are still keepin' us up to date with the political situation, I wouldn't have a clue what was happening at the moment if I wasn't reading your blog.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

My sincere congratulations to Anna!

PEA said...

Congratulations to your new Premier!! Hopefully she will do better than our first woman Prime Minister we had back in 1993..Kim Campbell was the first and to date only female Prime Minister of Canada...she lasted less than 5 months!

Lee said...

A changing of the guard! Skirts instead of shirts! ;)

meeyauw said...

So I would equate the premier with a governor of a state here. We've had women for quite awhile as governors in the US but they always followed husbands that died.

Until Vermont! TA DA! We had the first, or one of the first (oh gee now I forget because Connecticut makes the same claim) woman to be independently elected to governor.

Now all we need is women heads of state and perhaps we can begin to clean up the centuries old messes the guys have made with their wars. (That is, as long as women leaders express their feminine nurturing side and not their bellicose male sides).