13 September 2007


There's been a lot of noise and destruction around our place the last couple of days. Fred was concerned about some trees on the property...a couple were too close to the house, one was polluting one of the tanks with leaves and bark and some others were dead and needed to be taken down before a storm demolished them.

So, yesterday morning there arrived this machinery...a truck with a cherry picker on the back, a mulcher and a container to catch the mulch, plus three guys, one to work the cherry picker, one in the cherry picker with a chainsaw and another on the ground with a chainsaw chopping the branches up into reasonable size for the mulcher. All very exciting and very noisy, especially when they're right outside my kitchen window as they are while I'm typing this.

So...I grabbed my trusty camera and took some shots, as below.

These two photos are taken in the driveway at the front of the house. The blue thing is the mulcher spitting ground up tree into the white container. As you can see in the lower photo, the tree is much higher than the fully extended cherry picker.

This is roughly the top third of an iron bark tree by my back door. I took this from the carport (where the guys had set up their chairs for smoko). Behind the fellow in the green shirt is the stable and directly in front of that, Jane and I will put our vege garden. If this tree had fallen in the wrong direction, like on my place, there would have been nothing left of me or my house, so I'm really glad it's being taken down. Oh by the way, that round object on the left is the top of one of the inground water tanks, there's another just out of sight of the picture.


Peter said...

Well reported Robyn, as they say in the classics...."it was just like being there".

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

My parents (and my sister and I) moved into our primary home some 51 years ago. Within a few weeks my dad (with my questionable 10-year-old assistance) planted two young trees in front of the house. Through the years they grew wide and tall. Then, about three years ago, I visited Mom and found the trees gone! I felt devastated: those two trees were living reminders of some my father (who died in 1984) and I accomplished together. But Mom was unmoved by my loss: she said the trees were so large that she feared a storm would blow them into the house.

Perhaps she was right. Last winter when I spent my exile at her house, a storm combined a lightening strike and strong winds to half destroy a tree in the yard of Mom’s neighbor directly across the street. Part of that tree hit the power line and reported caused power outage for more than 3,000 homes. Another part of the tree hit the family’s SUV parked in the driveway and smashed in its roof. Three days later a crew arrived and removed not only the damaged tree but the second one in their yard. I suppose I must admit that Mom was right.

Remiman said...

Trees are beautiful and very functional, but can present many dangers too. It's good to take them down when they are menacing.
Years ago I used to cut trees down for fire wood and I have a great appreciation for their size and heft.

T*mmy said...

I figured that was a cistern of some sort...looks like it makes a nice patio too ;)
I'm glad you are rid of the tree!

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn, Great Photo's Im glad you got them down before any damage was done.I hope you were able to keep some mulch for the garden.

meeyauw said...

Those pictures are so neat! Your climate and terrain and trees are so different. I found myself thinking: no no, you can't afford to cut down any more trees there! But you can, of course.

Your water tanks look like my spring fed well (my artesian well is way different), but huger. My spring well has cement enclosure underground and a cement cap. Big enough for two people to stand on; about the same height with same handle-type.

More pictures!!!! Those are cool!

meeyauw said...


I did it again and I did it here.