07 October 2007

Life Goes on...

Or I'm a beggar for punishment...you work it out.

On Thursday, I went to see Toni. Her father was still there and will be until Tuesday, so I invited them around for dinner on Saturday night. I also invited Suzie and her lot, Roger and Wendy from across the back and, of course, Jane, Fred and Ken.

Yesterday, I made a vegetarian quiche crammed with mushrooms, capsicum, zucchini, tomato, carrot and onion. I also made Lee's meat loaf and a large bacon and egg pie, plus a big bowl of layered salad...the main layer was mesclin and onion sprouts, then layers of raw mushroom, capsicum, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot and red onion rings. I had a hard job not to grab a plate and heap it high with food...and that was after lunch! There was a large bowl of beetroot, Toni made her yummy potato salad and there were three baguettes which I had sliced and spread with butter, garlic and Parmesan cheese. I wrapped them in Alfoil and heated them in the oven for about 20 minutes. Jane and Wendy provided dessert. Jane made her orgasmic slice (I don't know the real name) and Wendy made cookies and cream cheesecake.

But before all that, we had nibbles. I'd made two small bowls each of French onion dip and guacamole. There were two small bowls of smoked oysters plus pistachios, salsa and various biscuits - sesame crackers, Jatz salted crackers and honey and Dijon mustard Apero rice snacks. But the piece de resistance was a cob loaf with the "lid" cut off, the middle scooped out and filled with a delicious cheesy bacon mixture, the lid put on and heated in the oven. That was made by Michael, Wendy's 16-year-old son, and one had to be quick to get some!

Cooper had a wonderful time because there were four dogs. Wendy and Roger's two, Sophie, a German Shepherd, and Pearl, a Maremma sheepdog as well as Ebony and Shelby. They just wandered in and flopped...not being a nuisance but just wanting to be part of it all. At one stage Hooks, the cockatoo was mooching around, too, but Fred put her in her cage in case she got stepped on.

After eating, we sat back and chatted. It was lovely because there weren't too many people and everyone mixed well. Too well, I think. Jane is rapt...she has a new trash and treasure friend...Suzie. So, off they go to the markets this morning at 5.00 am with Lyle, another friend of Jane's.

Suzie's over the moon because she's found some friends who like what she likes. I've been telling her about Jane and her "marketeering" for ages. Looks like it's a weekly thing now. Not that I care because I scored a large punnet of strawberries and a capsicum...heheh!

Change of subject...I just glanced out the window and the sky is black, with rain clouds. Yaay!

Anyway, that was my weekend...not as hectic as last weekend, but just as enjoyable. I did take some photos, but I think I need a new memory card...I couldn't upload them to the computer. Damn!

Have a lovely week and don't work too hard. Talk to you later.


Peter said...

The wedding sounded good Robyn, lots of work but if the plan comes together its all worth while.
Got home just on dark, will sleep well tonight, while I've been away the jacaranda's have all come out in blossom, Gympie will look lovely in the daylight.

Hootin'Anni said...

That sounds like a meal fit for royalty! And a lot of work too. Glad to hear the times were good, afterward.

Clouds? Black? Rain? ---None for us here tho, please. We had so many long hard rains this past summer[In the U S of course] we flooded all the time. But, for you, enjoy those rainstorms!!!!

Happy weekend.

Remiman said...

A great party with friends and family scarffing down scads of delicious edibles and a welcome desert of much needed rain....WOW! it can't get any better than that now can it?

Granny said...

I just spent 15 minutes on Google looking up your ingredients.

We have the same things here but we use different names. I'm still not sure about beet root though.

It all sounds delicious.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ I hope you all enjoyed a delicious meal and spending time together. You sure do like to work!
Glad you liked The Ticket, and I agree "To make a long story short"
very often isn't short. Loved your flowers in the last post.
Take care, my friend, Love. Merle.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Oh, Robin! That meal sounded good enough to travel half way around the world to enjoy!

RennyBA said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. My mouth was watering from your food report.

Hope you've had rain so that the chance of dangerous for bushfires is over.

Wishing you a great week ahead :-)

jellyhead said...

Oh YUM - that menu sounded delicious!

It's always so satisfying when you host a gathering that goes well, isn't it? Glad you had a good weekend.

Thanks for all the wedding details and lovely photos.... I caught up with them over the weekend, too.

Hope you have a happy Monday!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hello!! WE are on our way back home now and stopped now for the night!! I have missed stopping by but with having to be gone it has been hard to do!!
Sounds like you have been busy having a great weekend!! WE have to drive all of tomorrow just to get back home. This coming week is going to be a BUSY BUSY one!! I have my blogging babes blast at my house starting this coming weekend!! I wish you lived here so that you could come too..Sandy

Andrée said...

not too busy? the cooking alone would exhaust and frustrate me! but the payoff sounds more than worth it; to have friends and family around to just sit and talk. sounds like heaven.

Gypsy said...

I was just about to go to bed when I read this Robyn. Now I will have to go and fix myself a midnight snack as reading this post made me so hungry. Glad you had such a good day.

Lee said...

Sounds like Saturday night turned out a relaxed (after all the preparation, of course) wonderful evening for you all.

These storms are pretty hectic, aren't they? Wow! The lightning! I think a tree between me and the next property was struck during last night's effort! There was the brightest of brightest flashes and the loudest crack of thunder. Remy and Shama dived under the bed (my cats, if you are wondering who Remy and Shama are!)

Not a lot of rain is coming out of these storms but enough to water my vegetable/herb garden I guess and top up the tank.

Walker said...

Busy Busy Busy is your name and a fun time was the game.

It must be quiche week because my visiters had me making spinach quiche last week.