05 October 2007

Some More Flowers

Cactus flower, not unlike a zygo but as you can see, is off that prickly rat tail.

I think this is a type of bromeliad.

Another bromeliad. It doesn't have flowers as such, it's colour is in the leaves.

Red Hippeastrum or October Lily

White hippeastrum

Orange and white hippy.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You know much more about horticulture than I shall ever know! Beautiful photos of wonderful flowers!

Lee said...

Great pics, lovely flowers, Robyn. I shot over to the nursery this morning and bought a couple of variegated ivy hanging pots. One of the ivy is with white variegation and the other cream/yellow.

Just think...it's almost a week since the big day last Saturday! This week has flown! I hope you've caught up on your rest and recreation since then. :)

Remiman said...

The flowers of spring make the heart bloom.

Gledwood said...

All those things are meant to have "evolved" ... I don't really believe that...

Tammy J said...

Very nice flowers...I love the October lily and wish I had a garden full right about now!

BTW...I've gone private on my blog, email me if you would like an invite.

Love & Hugs,

Andrée said...

Your flowers are so exotic! My favorite is the pink one, then the white one. A hippy flower?? Double cool!

PEA said...

I so love all your flowers, especially the lilies, love their colours! I still have a few flowers hanging on and that's thanks to the warmer than usual temps we're having. Yesterday I was in my short, it went up to 25c...not used to that in October in these parts! lol xox

Snow White said...

love those broms Puss, its amazing how many things in my garden are still growing strong, have my wee bushes getting above knee height now after two years, just too arid yet but the fruit trees are loaded go figure . Kids still have daily purple fingers from the mullberries lol.

Gypsy said...

Those pics are just beautiful Robyn but the one I really want to see is you in your wedding outfit. How about it eh?

Walker said...

I love the flowers you have growing around your place and its the right time for you while mine a preparing for the long sleep until spring