19 October 2007

More From the Garden and a Halloween Treat

The garden is really sending up surprises every day...here are some more photos of what we can grow in Queensland.

This frangipani (plumeria) has got its first flower buds, right in the centre of the leaves. This one is my favourite, white flowers with yellow centre and the most heavenly perfume.

Another hippeastrum...isn't it just beautiful? These lilies are making the most beautiful show all over the garden, in their various colours.


See...we can even grow roses here.

Another type of orchid.

The small gardenia...another beautifully perfumed blossom.


I'm not sure what this is...it's growing out in the paddock and I thought it was rather pretty.

The neighbour's jacaranda. They are out all over Brisbane at the moment and looking down over the greater Brisbane area from the Mt Coot-tha Lookout, it's as if someone's scattered purple cotton balls all over the place.

Another type of orchid

And below, look what I got from Hootin' Anni...isn't it great? Thanks Anni. If anyone wants to participate in this, click on the link and see Anni's Friday post...really spooky!


Snow White said...

our garden must have similar plant, I love the frangipani's and the hipp one ashley brought me up from the yard the other morning lol. We have so many blooms popping up it's hard to believe we are in the middle of ther drought. Will take some pics and post them later. Hope your doing well and not working too hard.
love shona

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hey!! what gorgeous flowers!! We have about the same flowers here in the South East USA!! I do love those purple trees!! How beautiful!! I would love to have them here!! Hope all is good in your world!! I have not been able to blog much because we are sharing computers. Jen leaves tomorrow and then the rest Saturday. My hubby has been very nice about all of these women in his house!!

Lee said...

Lovely pics, Robyn. My Hippeastrums are just starting to come out now...so I'm eagerly waiting.

Dragonheart said...

Your garden is beautiful! :) Those are lovely plants. Our yard just has grass, since both my humans have black thumbs, and kill any plant they've ever tried to grow. ;)

I didn't mind wearing my costume at all. :) I was rewarded with treats for having it on, so I enjoyed it. :)

Remiman said...

I just love flowers; they brighten the day no matter the mood.

Gypsy said...

How beautiful Robyn! My garden is pretty much dead as we haven't had rain in so long. I'm glad you posted a pic of a frangipani because when I mentioned that on my post about favourite smells, a lot of our Canadian and American friends had never heard of it.

Their aroma is just heavenly. Do your jacaranda's bloom long? I used to have a couple that only bloomed for about 3-4 weeks before all the flowers fell off. Very pretty though.

T*mmy said...

All your flowers are lovely but I think the jacaranda tree is the prettiest of all!

Great little halloween badge, I remember playing that little game with my sisters...teehee!

Have a great day!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Such a beautiful garden and neat Halloween treat!

PEA said...

Omigosh, how gorgeous is that jacaranda!! I've never seen it before but I can just imagine what a sight they must make blooming all over the place. Your flowers are just beautiful...I only have roses still blooming now, the rest of my flowers are now finished thanks to the frost we had the other morning. xox

Mountain Mama said...

Oh how absolutely gorgeous!!! I do wish I couyld grow the tropical flowers here but the climate is not agreeable at all.
I first saw a Jacaranda on a trip to San Diego, California and was captivated. Tehy are truly one of the Lords masterpieces.
Your white blossomed plant with the shiny emerald green leaves looks like a gardenia.
Our semmer is over and we have been having lots of rain and wind. Many of the trees have lost most of their leaves and it's looking rather drab around here. Your lovely pictures are all the more appreciated. Thanks so much for sharing.
I have often wondered about the fruits and nuts that grow in different places around the world, and the trees or bushes they grow on. Could this be an idea for another post for you?

Andrée said...

So that's oleander. I always wondered if I had seen it. What an exotic place you live in and it's difficult to fathom celebrating Halloween in spring without foliage! (Like the Christmas thing, huh?)