28 November 2007

Nice Things

It's been a lovely week...starting last Friday. Jane and Ken go halves in the crossword scratchies and scratched off $750. So, we had wine o'clock and Jane bought dinner...yummy fish 'n' chips. During dinner I mentioned that I wanted to buy a Christmas tree. I used to have real ones but in the interests of conservation, I decided to go fake.

Jane went to a couple of garage sales on Saturday morning and found a Christmas tree for me...for $3! I was rapt. She wouldn't take any money...it's a present, she said.

Then Jane and I won fifth division in Lotto on Saturday night.

Fred also rescued a baby galah that had been blown out or had fallen out of the nest before it could fly. He keeps it inside so that the crows or kookaburras don't get it and puts it out for the parents to feed. Below are the three galahs, with baby in the middle.

I finally got my Chrisco hampers today. I had received notification at the beginning of the month that they would be delivered on 28 Nov between 7 am and 7 pm. They arrived at 4 pm.

Three cartons of goodies

Freezer Hamper

Pantry Hamper
The third one contained sauces, marinades and dressings, but I was so excited about it all, I had put them away before getting a photo of what was in the carton...doh!
Finally, I needed some wine seeing as Jane, Fred, Roger (from over the back) and I drank the last of my cask on Sunday evening. Soooo, I tootled off up to the local bottle shop, only to find it closed for refurbishing.
Muttering dire imprecations, I drove the extra distance to the large discount bottle shop at our local shopping mall. I grabbed the cask I wanted and waited at the check out. There was a lady in front of me ratting through her purse getting the correct change. So I waited and then it was my turn. $8.50 said the check out chick. But the lady in front of me said she had won some money and paid for my cask of wine! Wasn't that just wonderful? Her daughter, during the week, had gone out and left small sums of money, with a little note, all over the place for people to find.
Random acts of kindness are meant to be passed on...so that's what I'll be doing, What a lovely week I've had.


Gypsy said...

I love to hear good news like this and you certainly deserve your good fortune. What a lovely thing for the lady in the bottle shop to do. Restores your faith in human kindness doesn't it?

I had to bury 3 tiny little birds yesterday that had fallen out of their nest. Sadly they were already dead and were swarming with bull ants. Made me feel quite sad.

Liz said...

Wow, what lovely people ... and lovely things to happen to you as well. Enjoy!

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ I am so glad you had such a good week and hope the run of luck continues for you. Thank you for the comments. The post I put on tonight has more of Heaven and Hell and a nice story. Take care my friend,
Love, Merle.

PEA said...

Hello dear Robyn:-) Wow, a great week for sure you've been having! Some great wins on the lottery...I just came back from purchasing my tickets for tonight's draw, hopefully I'll be as lucky as you are! lol That Fred sounds like such a wonderful guy...love it that he rescued that baby bird and is looking after it for now. As for the lady in front of you paying for your bottle of wine...it truly warms my heart to know there are still random acts of kindness going on like that in the world:-) xoxo

Hootin' Anni said...

Hello! I'm glad you stopped by. I just read your comment about doing the Christmas Meme and wanted to make sure you let me know just when ---so I can add your url to the growing list.

Hope your day has been wonderful.

jellyhead said...

Aw, Robyn, what a truly lovely thing to happen! It is SO true that good deeds create more good deeds.

Hope your week just keeps getting better!

Walker said...

Luck seems to follow you around so I guess that makes you a lucky lady :)

Its nice to see people sharing their good fortune with others as it should to some extent.

Peter said...

Yep Labor are back in power..
"Free grog for all the workers".. I'll have to get a job.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I love the story of Galah-rescuing Fred! Of course, I had to Google it to find out that a Galah is Rose-breasted Cockatoo. It must be marvelous to be surrounded by such exotic birds—birds that we here in the U.S. can only see in zoos.

Andrée said...

The beginning of the baby bird story. It's fascinating. The "end" of the hamper story. I'm glad I have more to read.