06 December 2007

Madness Abounds

Deck the halls with something chilly, falalalalalala

Tis the season to be silly falalalalalala...

And that's about the state of it, too.

Let me tell you what's been going on and what is going to happen in the lead up to when the guy on the surfboard catches the big wave in on the 25th.

Last Saturday was the Terrace Eye Centre's Christmas cocktail party, held in the Mayne Room at the University of Queensland. Very nice, too.

This weekend (08/09)...Saturday's ok at the moment. Sunday morning, I'll be at Younger Daughter's place in the late morning as it's her partner's birthday. Well, his birthday isn't actually until Monday, but we're giving him his pressies on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon is Christmas drinks with Jacqui and David, our neighbours in the front.

The weekend of 15/16 is very busy. On the Saturday morning, one of our doctors has booked us in for breakfast at 8.00 am. That means I have to leave home at 7.15 at the latest. It's also my mum's and Ken's birthdays. That night I'm going to a street party which Wendy and Roger, our back neighbours, have invited us to. On the Sunday I may be meeting other bloggers for lunch/dinner. We're in the process of getting that organised.

Then, with the work I do from home, the Brisbane ladies are supposed to be getting together at some stage...haven't heard exactly when, yet.

There will also be luncheons the week before Christmas, where various doctors invite us out as a thank you. We will also have drinkies and nibbles at work on the Friday before Christmas. Then it culminates in Christmas Day which is at my place this year.

I'm looking forward to that, actually. My new table will be put to good use. I'm already pretty well organised with bonbons, Christmas serviettes and my centre piece (below). Well, I'm actually trying a few things out, and this is one. What do you think? More or less? All suggestions very welcome. (BTW, it's not on the table at present, I assembled this on the bookcase...just to get an idea.)

So far, the menu is turkey, ham, prawns and maybe smoked salmon with various salads and accompaniments. Dessert? Dunno yet. I think Elder Daughter maybe making a Christmas cake...if she gets her act together (her words, not mine). Stacey is making a chocolate slice and I'm hoping to get a tray of mangoes. I'm also thinking of a tiramisu...I have a lovely Tuscan recipe.

But before all that we'll have nibbles while we open the presents. Guacamole, onion dip, Debreciner sausage, cheeses and crackers, etc.

I don't have too much more in the way of gifts to get, but I'm not saying what I've bought here. Some of the recipients read this blog!

So, that's what's happening here...how about you. What are you doing leading up to Christmas?

Do you like my sparkly Santa hat?


jellyhead said...

I like the Christmas table decoration! I don't think it needs more (or less!)

And that Santa hat is sparklingly loud and festive - whoo hoo!

Your social schedule sounds like a whirlwind of activity.... enjoy it all!!

Peter said...

Hope you have a holiday period after Christmas to recover from all that celebratory stuff.

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn, your cente piece looks lovely,
oh you have a very busy time ahead,
Oh I have a few dinners to attend along with bowls xmas luncheons a 50th wedding anniversary to attend on the 21st will poss blog that in time my sisters birthday 23rd and xmas eve will stop at my daughters and wake up with the kids spend the whole day there seafood Entree and tradional xmas dinner im taking the plum pudding, a couple of friends will also join us for lunch as xmas day not a time to be a lone....

Andrée said...

Oh you exhausting me. What a social life you have! I want to go to church, that's about it. Amy may be taking off for Christmas but hasn't told me yet. Just a quiet time photographing birds and reading. Blogging. The usual.

Gypsy said...

I hope you enjoy the social whirl, something tells me you will. Love the centrepiece and the hat - I love anything that sparkles.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

You did a great job on your centerpiece!! I used to make them but just dont do things like that any more>?? why?? I dont know why?? I hope you have a great time with all our parties. You are going to be so busy. We only have one party that i know about and it is in two weeks. Hope all is well with you. Sandy

Remiman said...

Geeze, you're going to have to take the month of January off just to recover from too much bliss. ;)

Do you think it's too early for me to think about Christmas shopping? Don't want to break with tradition don't ya know. Monday the 24th ought to be soon enough don't ya think?

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ Wow are you in for a busy time, but it all sounds fun and lots of food and drinks. So I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute. Take care, Love, Merle

Gattina said...

It seems to me that you are following the footsteps of Paris Hilton ! Partying every day !! Your menu sounds fantastic I fly over !!

Rosie is back to normal, she already washed Arthur yesterday (she probably thought he was neglected) and this morning I found her 5 mice neatly put around the food bowls !

Walker said...


I dont have to deck the halls with something chilli, just open the dooes and watch the isicles grow everywhere LOL

You are just one wild party girl aren't you.

Liz said...

What am I dong leading up to Christmas? Getting rattier by the minute! No, not really. Well, only on occasion!

You will be stuffed by the time it gets to christmas Day, won't you? I think the centrepiece is fine just as it is. I've bought a Christmas tablecloth for the first time.