08 December 2007

Photos Today

Lazy post day...photos rather than words.

This, believe it or not, is some sort of fungus. Fred found them under the tipuana tree. They actually grow underground. I'm not sure if they're poisonous or not, but they're certainly very different.


Bromeliad 2

Bromeliad 3

I'm not sure what this is. As you can see, the leaves (top centre) grow on the ends of the branches, but the flowers are actually on the branches themselves.

Lilly pilly berries. The birds love them and they also make a lovely jelly.

A beautiful frangipani flower

Passionfruit flower. Just below and slightly to the right is an immature passionfruit.

Native banksia. One of many varieties, named after Joseph Banks, botanist for Capt James Cook.

And last but not least, our family of galahs having a lovely dinner of seed.


Dragonheart said...

All those plants look lovely! Very colourful. The fungus is certainly unique!

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ well done ~~ Some great photos you took today. I like the pink frangipani. Does it have the same perfume as the creamy one?
Thanks for your comments. Our lives seem to be about catching up. I don't suppose we ever will ~ sad.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Jeanette said...

i Robyn, Great Photos of your plants, im in love with your Bromeliads. i have a few and waiting for them to come into flower, 1 is starting to get a red spike on it another i bought a few months ago has varigated foliage. and a few others ..

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I cannot believe that is a fungus..It is pretty!! smile!! You have beautiful flowers!!
Yeap the roads in Texas are really really long...that is one big state for sure..never ends seems like...Sandy

Gypsy said...

Yes I would like to know if the pink frangipani smells like the creamy one. Frangipanis are one of my most favourite smells.

Walker said...

You have many lovely plants in your garden.
I think its amazing how nature camoflases plantys and animas to make them look like something that should be there when it anctual fact they are weeds or imn this case fungas'
I would never have thought that was a fungus if it was in my garden

Mountain Mama said...

Your flowers are lovely and such a welcome sight. It's freezing here and not a flower to be seen. I was out trying to get more Christmas lights up this morning and nearly froze my nose off! The ground is hard and dried from being so cold.
I am not familiar with your flowers since the Pacific Northwest, USA where I live is not a tropical region but I did notice your Banksia and thought I'd mention that my maiden name is Banks. I don't know if I am related to the famous Joseph or not but I love plants too.

Andrée said...

That fungus! wow. It must have some use. I'd love to learn more about that one. It's great seeing things growing on your end of the world. Here we go flip-flopping again!

Gattina said...

Ah ! so lovely flowers and here the nature is naked and grey ! But this fungus looks like a star, amazing ! I did a little walk on the market this morning but after 10 min it started to rain and a little storm came up so I rushed home in my warm room ! and the house is full of sleeping cats !

Remiman said...

All of your fauna is alien to me so I enjoy your sharing your environs here. It does, however, seem that the Bromes get laid a lot. ;)

PEA said...

Good morning dear Robyn:-) Wow, that's a mighty fancy fungus! I so enjoyed looking at all your photos, all plants that I'm not familiar with! lol I'm catching up with your latest posts as well...wow, been and will be busy times leading up to Christmas won't it?!! But, all fun things:-) And yes, I love your sparkly Santa hat! hehe I've been so busy with the Christmas preparations that my blogging visit time has been curtailed but please know that I think of you often!! xoxo

Liz said...

Beautiful photos as always, robyn. We still have the last passionflowers on our bush and the remains of some fruit too.

Gledwood said...

Flowershaped fungus... parrots on the lawn... Wow! Australia the Beautiful!!