17 June 2008


It's hard to believe, but Cooper has just had his second birthday. However, it was marred by the fact that he had been in hospital for four days with pneumonia just before that...poor little boy. It was a worrying time for us all. Strangely, his mother was hospitalised with pneumonia at exactly the same age.

Anyway, he's fine now and as kids do, has bounced back wonderfully. We had a family gathering for him on the Sunday and Cooper had a lovely time opening presents, blowing out candles and being the centre of attention.

We had the party for his father also, as Darryl's birthday is just a few days after his son's. However, Darryl showed great strength of will and didn't open his gifts until the actual day of his birthday. I couldn't do that...

I bought him the cutest little blue hoodie (to go with his lovely blue eyes) and a pair of jeans...so he'll look the part of a real trendoid. I knew he'd get lots of toys and that kids always need clothes, so that's why I went that way. I'll tell you something, though. The jeans were designer one and originally priced at $120...for kids jeans, can you imagine it? However, I get them for $20. Good buy, eh? There's a place on the Gold Coast called Harbour Town and it's just nothing but outlets for designers and shops, and eating places...just wonderful.

Jane and I went there a couple of weeks ago. She did a lot of damage to her credit card in the Royal Doulton shop. I don't think Fred will let her escape again.

I bought four handbags...yep, that's right, four. One was of a real capacious size and I thought would be good to take on the plane when Gabbie and I go to New Zealand later in the year. Two had bling and one was a cute little silver evening bag. Do you get the feeling I'm a handbag addict? I can't resist bag shops...I've even bought handbags for gifts but hadn't been able to bring myself to give them away. I also managed to get a lovely pair of Colorado casual leather shoes for $70, normally $140. But not all of it was for me...as I said before, I bought Cooper's outfit and I also did some Christmas shopping.

Opening presents with Mum and his other Grandma. With Grandma and Daddy

With Auntie Suzie

Two birthday cakes for a two-year-old. The one on the left was to take to Kindy the next day.

Well, that's it, it's Wine O'clock. Wow, two posts in three days...have I been struck by lightning?

Talk soon...bye for now.


Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ Glad little Cooper enjoyed his birthday and got over the pneumonia OK. He looked like he was having fun. Thanks for your visiit and glad you liked the Church signs, and I liked yours, "Don't make me come down there."
I hope you are having a good week my
friend, Love, Merle.

Remiman said...

Curious about mom and son both having Pneumonia at the same age isn't it?
Handbags and shoes......Must be a women thing. ;)
Looks like everyone was enjoying the birthday bash, including us.

DellaB said...

aaah eBay! Noel is worse than I am - he has bursts of buying activity - we have gotten to know the courier delivery man by his first name!

I love it - I am very careful and always do research on the product, and local prices, and delivery costs, and I have found and bought some absolute bargains.

Robyn, how lucky you are to have so MANY grandchildren - I have still just the one, and cannot believe she has turned 4. Off to prep school next year, and what a little madam she is. I'll have to start blogging some of my stories of her.

I am very 'lucky' and get to babysit her mostly two nights a week, just for a couple of hours in the late afternoon. Both parents are working and their shifts crossover somewhere between 4 and 6 pm .. so I get to fill the gap.

We have formed our own alliance, and so long as I have Nick Junior on the TV, we are never lost for something to do. She really likes making things, and tests my creative and artistic abilities big time.

I don't dare buy clothes for her; her mother is very fashion-conscious and has definite ideas on what she wants bub to wear. I should tell her about Harbour Town, but my son would probably hit me.(just kidding - he wouldn't dare!)

I'm prattling and could go on and on, your post(s) sure hit the spot(s)..


Flip Flop Floozie said...

yeap and I like having you blog this much. It keeps us back in touch again!! What a party...2 already!! My two youngest grands are 7 and 9 now and it is so hard seeing them grow up so fast.
I have to go to their house soon and keep them for the day.
Yes, I am at home now..No more working at CURVES. I still go though. Sandy

Gattina said...

What a nice birthday for little Cooper ! I am not handbag or shoes at all ! I always carry my old black Kipling purse around with the monkey, I am far too lazy to change purse !

Liz said...

He certainly shows no sign of illness! Belated happy birthday to Cooper and to Darryl.

I'm not a handbag person I'm afraid.

katztales said...

Looks like an amazing cake!

Thanks for dropping by to see us. Meow from Malaysia :-)

Andrée said...

Oh wow, I'm so sorry you had to suffer that worry, and so glad to hear he is recovering uneventfully. I wonder why little kids get pneumonia? They do here, too. Scary thing. Wish I could've shared that cake!!

Walker said...

Time really flies when kids are little.
Mine were one then twenty one LOL
Do kids age faster than parents?

Kids get sick but they get better alot faster than adults do. It must be the cartoons on tv.
The party look like fun but then again there was cake. Its always a fun party when there is cake

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Poor little fellow. Being in hospital is not a welcome birthday present!

Great to read what's happening on your side of the globe!

PEA said...

ROBYN!!!! How wonderful to see you posting again! I was ready to send out a tall, dark, handsome Mountie to go find you...hmmmm you still want me to send him?? lol

Oh yes, I sure do know all about eBay and have spent quite a bit of money on there! lol I also do some selling so at least I'm making some money as well! I love everything you were able to get, isn't it amazing the money you can save buying it used instead of new!

Happy Birthday to little Cooper...gosh I remember when you first told us of his birth!! Hard to believe two years have gone by already. Loved seeing the pictures and hopefully you'll be able to take a picture of Cooper wearing the clothes you bought him:-) xoxo

Gypsy said...

Wow you are on a roll Robyn and good to see too. I'm so glad little Cooper has fully recovered from his pneumonia. There is nothing so scary as seeing a little one sick in hospital yet they bounce back so quickly don't they.

That birthday cake looks good enough to eat :)