23 June 2008

More eBaying

I've been having fun with eBay...still! I sold a small TV cabinet which had been given to me about 12 years ago and got $28 for it...not bad, I thought. That was just trial run to see how the system worked.

I'm also the highest bidder for a blanket storage box. I'll put that in the bedroom and use it to store bedding, which will free up cupboard space for other stuff. And...because I've decided I really need to lose weight, I'm watching a rebounder or mini trampoline, which still has four days to go.

I had some other things to sell...a leather jacket that I haven't worn for a couple of years, a lovely woollen jacket that also hasn't been worn for a couple of years and the wall unit below. I want to sell that because it is so big and dark coloured and dwarfs my lounge room. My lounge room is a "work in progress" at the moment. I have my computer in the corner to the left of this unit and my stereo to the right.

What I want to do is get a corner computer unit which would also take the printer/scanner and hold my work related stuff. Then I also want a corner entertainment unit for the other side for the TV, stereo and a few knick-knacks. I don't care if there's nowhere to display stuff...I've got lots of cupboard space, but as long as I can have my photos out, I'd be happy. Also, once I get rid of the current unit, with Jane's help, I'm going to repaint the wall behind it. As you can see, it's an icky colour done by the previous owners. Apparently, they mixed several left over colours together and got this hue...that's what they told me! It's totally gross and I want the colour the same as the rest of the walls...which are white with just a hint of blue. Then I can add the colour with furnishing, pictures, curtains and so on.

The big sliding door and window have awful grey vertical blinds...which I hate with a passion. Eventually I want nice drapes that in the winter I can draw across to provide insulation and of course, in the summer, leave them open and tied back out of the way. I had thought of wooden venetian blinds which I could also use in the afternoon to keep out the hot westerly sun in summer...actually I still may do that. The drapes can close over the top of them in winter...hmmm, there's food for thought.

I also want to change the colour scheme in my bedroom. At this stage it's blue and I've decided I want lavender tonings...but I've been looking for doona covers and can't find anything that grabs me. That's okay, I'll still keep looking...I'll find something. I'll need some new drapes there, too. The current ones, although in pretty good nick, are getting a bit tired looking.

Gee, this semi-retirement business is exhausting! How did I ever find time to go out to work?


Liz said...

mm, not the best colour!

I'm glad to see you're enjoying your retirement!

jellyhead said...

I can imagine how you must get busier with home stuff once you're not flat-out with work anymore. I am forever looking at things that need doing, but then deliberately ignoring them again.

You'll have to show us your bedroom when you get all done in the colours you like!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

You are quite the Ebayer!! New word!! smile!!
I have been painting and painting. I think you saw my blog where our small group bible study painted our house Sunday!! it is so nice to have clean walls. You are going to love it!! I am painting our bedroom a light yellow. I like yellow because it is so calming to me and happy!! Have fun..Sandy

Peter said...

Happy ebaying Robyn, going by your last post you are probably baying at the moon too... bloody 5 am markets, thats not fit for sane people!!!

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn. 5am I am im still hopefully in Noddy land,,Good luck with buying and selling. my 4 kids are addicted to ebay always sending or recieving, 1 daughter is avvid reader always buying books then sells them on ebay,,Gl

Walker said...

You're becoming a Ebay junkie, I already am LOL

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ You have been busy since you retired, buying and making plans etc to do very various changes.Good luck with that, Look forward to seeing the finished rooms. Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoyed the post about the changed school rules. AAADD has a lot of us in it's clutches, I'm afraid.
I am hoping Vicki stays well and gets relief from her pain soon. She e mailed me and sure enjoyed having Peter there. Take care Robyn, Thanks for the goodies you send me.
Love, Merle.