29 December 2008

New Zealand - Fifth and Final Part

After our visit to Whakarewarewa, I ended up having to take Gabbie to the doctor. Her cold had turned into a lower respiratory tract infection and she was given antibiotics and ventolin. We had an early dinner...Gabbie had vegetable chow mein and I had half-a-dozen scallops, which were so big I seriously doubted I'd eat them all, and chips. It was a beautiful meal and the diner where we had our meal had been the regional winner in a New Zealand wide competition to find NZ's best fish'n'chip shop. They deserved the win...the meal was beautiful.

We then went back to our motel and filled the spa, which was so big it took half-an-hour. Gabbie had put some bath bubble provided by the owners but she only used half. I tipped the rest in and you can see the result in the photo below.

The next day, we left relatively early and stopped at Mt Ngongotaha, just outside of Rotorua, to take the cable car up to the top. The view was breathtaking, although there was a cold wind so we didn't linger. Then it was back to Auckland for the night. Our flight home left at 6.00 pm which gave us a leisurely morning to have breakfast in the little conservatory, pack our cases and spend the rest of the morning with Mum and Harold.

We arrived back in Brisbane just after 6 pm (yep, that's right, NZ is three hours ahead of the eastern coast of Australia) and both Gabbie and I were looking forward to sleeping in our own beds that night. It was raining, which was nice to see (in Brisbane, that is). After we cleared Customs, Gabbie sent her mum an SMS to let her know we were on our way home and she and Brooke came to my place to pick Gabbie up, which saved me an extra hour's drive.

So, that was our trip. It's lovely to go away, but it's even better to come home and sleep in one's own bed. I hope you enjoyed our trip and the photos.

Goodbye cruel world...the spa and resulting bubbles from me tipping all the bath bubble in.

In the cable car going up Mt Ngongotaha.

The view over Lake Rotorua, from the top of Mt Ngongotaha, with Mokoia Island in the background.


Gattina said...

I didn't realize that New Zealand is so different from Australia I mean the clima, it seems much colder or do they have other seasons ?
If you want to see what I got for Christmas it is here ! The 26th was probably punch, wine and champagne recovery day, lol !

Anonymous said...

Reading all about your trip has really made me want to visit NZ. It looks like such a stunning place.

Love that bubble bath. You could lose someone in there if you're not careful :)

Mountain Mama said...

Your trip looks like a lot of fun. I've never been there. Living in the USA, I have only traveled to British Columbia and Mexico

I love all the bubbles. That must have been interesting.

Have a great new year.

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ Your trip sounded wonderful and Gabby a nice travelling mate. I am glad your Christmas was so terrific and the photos are great-you have a nice family. Thanks for your comments and your welcome home. I had a really nice time, everyone so helpful and kind. But no place like home. Have a great New Year's Eve - I am sure you will be partying!! Take care, Love and Hugs, Merle.

Walker said...

The views are breath taking but I didn;t know about the bubble bath dang it.

Sounds like you both had a great time.

I hope you have a Happy New Year and who knows where you;ll head off to next year ;)

PEA said...

I've so enjoyed catching up on your last few posts...sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas:-) I'm so glad to be back to blogging again, I've so missed all of you!

Loved reading this post, your last installment of your trip to NZ. Glad to hear you didn't drown in all those bubbles! lol It truly does sound and look like it was a memorable trip:-)

Wishing you and yours all the very best that 2009 has to offer, dear Robyn. xoxo

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Happy New Year!

May you and yours be blessed much happiness and many joys in 2009!

May the world be blessed with Peace & Justice in 2009!

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