01 January 2009

Welcome 2009

Happy New Year, fellow bloggers. May 2009 bring lots of blogging experiences for us to ooh and ahh over.

It's been an eventful few days. A couple of days ago we had a storm and lost power, so...

this was my lighting for a couple of hours. That and a large torch. I was trying to read by torchlight but got fed up with it and went to bed about 8.45 pm. Consequently, I was wide awake at 4.30 am and as there was no work, I played solitaire on the computer for a while. Then made a cup of coffee and read my book in daylight.
Yesterday, everything was prepared for our New Year's Eve get together with the neighbours. Fred, the two Rogers and the kids put out tables and chairs and prepared a bonfire then at about 5.00 pm, we went across to Wendy and Roger's for a swim. Came back about 6, had a shower and started bringing the prepared nibbles, salads and what not out onto the tables. Of course, there were bottles of champagne and mango puree for our champagne cocktails.
The guys lit the barbeque and cooked the steak, chicken and sausages which we had with green and potato salad along with garlic bread. Before that we'd had guacamole, double brie with blackcurrent paste and Wendy's Mexican dip (commonly known as kick arse dip). Roger, Jane's brother, had whipped up mini sticky date puddings with caramel sauce...ohhh, yummmmm.
So...we sat around and talked. The fire was lit and come midnight, there was yahooing and yelling (mainly by the kids - "Happy New Year, Australia!!!") and sparklers given to the kids to light in the fire and draw their names in the air.
We cleared up and our heads hit the pillows by about 12.30 am.
However, this morning I was startled awake by thud, chink, clank and Fred yodelling expletives outside my bedroom window. I sat up to see what on earth was going on. He had the wheelie bin of rubbish and was racing to take it down the drive for it to be collected. He'd heard the truck and suddenly remembered the bins needed to go out. Consequently, he was rushing, tripped and fell flat on his face and rubbish was strewn all over the lawn. I started to giggle quietly when I saw the cats sitting up on their haunches, being totally entertained by the whole thing. Apparently Jane was sound asleep and woke up with a hell of a start so she wasn't happy.
I went out later on to give Fred a hard time about it and was doubled over with laughter about the whole thing...honestly, there's never a dull moment around this place.

Hooks waiting for the celebrations to begin at midnight.

Jaquie on the left, Fred and you can just see Dave behind him, on the right.

The usual beverages, with Wendy in the background watching the kids with their sparklers.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great start to the new year Robyn and I must admit I giggled about Fred and the garbage bin mostly because I always forget to put it out. It was always my husbsnd's job but now it's mine. I can't tell you how many times I've had to get out of bed at 4am when I have suddenly realised I'd forgotten....AGAIN.

It's pitch black out here at night and I've had a few of those kind of mishaps myself including putting my foot straight through a rabbit burrow. Oh the joys of country living. Ha ha.

Gattina said...

I would have been far better with you on garden chairs then here with my heating on ! I just imagine the scene with Fred and the bin, I also would have died of laughter !
It's amazing that they collect garbadge on a 1st Jan, that would never happen here ! They only come once a week !

Remiman said...

Happy New Year to you Robyn.
A new blog page to fill with auspicious (or not) events in our lives.
We lost power for 9 hours last Sunday. PITA!

Hootin' Anni said...

Thanks for participating in the 'interactive' Thursday 13 I had set up this week! Much appreciated.

Happy 2009.

The garbage bin cracked me up.

Peter said...

G'day Robyn, and a Happy New Year to you, I staggered out of bed about 11am Rex and Vicki put in an appearance just before 1 pm, so I guess you could say the traveling was tiring.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Happy New Year, dear Robyn!

May you be blessed with much happiness and many joys in 2009!

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