24 May 2009

Facebook Warning

I was on Facebook last night, playing WordHunt. Suddenly these windows popped up telling me I had a malicious Trojan virus. You can imagine my consternation. Anyway, it's a nuisance more than dangerous. But it did disable my virus protect programme and has now embedded itself in my hard drive.

It mimics a legal Windows programme, but has a shield with the colours rather than the flag. It's called WinPC and you cannot get rid of it. It has "Help", Contact, etc, but when you click on these, they go nowhere. It's not in the programmes file so you can't uninstall it. From what I can gather, it originated in Germany.

I reinstalled my virus protect application and checked the virus encyclopaedia but this thing's not listed. It's a bloody nuisance because it keeps popping up telling you to install it. I'll ring my IP tomorrow and hopefully, they can talk me through getting rid of it, otherwise it's down to the computer repair shop.

So this is the result of some unemployed pea brained moron with too much time on their hands who thinks they're being really clever. They're not...they're complete idiots.

If anyone has had this nuisance Bot thing, can they give me any idea how to get rid of it?

Oh, by the way, I've deleted Facebook off my computer. If you're thinking of going on Facebook, don't bother. They obviously don't have enough security measures in place to prevent this from happening.


RennyBA said...

Sorry to hear about your problems, but thanks for the warning.

Try Ad-Aware.

TorAa said...

Sorry to hear about your struggle and not wanting "visitors" that harms your PC.
What browers are you using?

I'm using the newest version of Firefox

Besides our Cats are backon the net

Hootin' Anni said...

I so mimic your words there..."They're complete idiots". Yes indeed.

Walker said...

I had the same problem to but no more.