26 May 2009

What Do You Think of This?

On the news tonight, a man was arrested as a suspect over allegedly killing his de facto's four-year-old son. His partner and family members were at the court to support him. Outside the court, when journos were trying to interview these people, they responded with swearing, screaming and yelling and violence in the form of throwing a bottle, which fortunately did not hit anyone, but struck a camera.

Now, don't those reactions make one wonder? I know the media can be intrusive and probably the last thing the alleged suspect's family would want to do is talk to them. But to respond in that way gives rise to the question; Is there violence within the family?

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I've had my computer disinfected against the virus...it was a Trojan, but didn't do any damage. It was just a bloody nuisance. How's this for service, though? The guys at the computer repair shop put some software on for me, free of charge, called Malaware Bytes. I was told to run the short scan once every two weeks to a month and the full scan every couple of months or so. If a virus is detected, as well as preventing it from lodging in the hard drive, it will clear it out of the system. It works in conjunction with my existing antivirus programme, so gives me more protection.

The guy at the computer shop said there are a lot of viruses that come through Facebook, this one I got came with something called My Webspace, which is all tied in with the Win PC Trojan.

I really think Facebook have a duty of care to protect their users against this threat therefore should do more to ensure their site is virus free. I was lucky this time, no damage done. I've been using the internet for 11 years and this is the first time I've been caught.

Needless to say, I will not be using Facebook again.


Margaret Cloud said...

I am glad your problem is taken care od, virus on computers is a pain in the neck. My friend has facebook and has had no problem so far. Have a nice week.

TorAa said...

It seems more and more clearly journo's are getting more and more desperate these days.
They do not realize the force of new techno, like the Typographers in the late 60'ies and beginning of the 70'ies.

Ydiana said...


Virus are a nuisance. Last week, I discovered a whole lot of spywares in my computer accumulated from january, but thankfully was blocked by my anti-virus. They really are scary!

Jeanette said...

Gday Robyn.
I havent had any problems with face book yet and I hope I dont otherwise its off quick smart.very scary. I use AVG anti virus..My puter man put it on when I got new puter...

Answer,, Carol did all the Drivering using my car as it need a few Ks put on the clock.. and her Daughter was using her car while we were away.and we all only tasted a few wines in each winery.

Jack K. said...

Glad to know your computer is healthy again. Perhaps the folks at FaceBook will get their heads out of the sand and tighten up their security.

I make it a point to not open any pop up windows from anyone.

Violence begets violence. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I did not know that there were bugs in Facebook. I use it all of the time and did not know that you were on there either. Hm!! I like facebook as I have found friends some as long as ago as 30 years!! Whew..I am getting old.
Thanks for stopping by. I so apologize for not getting by lately. I am just lazy..sorry..Sandy

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Scary family, sounds suspicious to me with the violence. They have big problems for sure.

So a Facebook virus. Well I guess you're not safe anywhere on the internet nowadays sadly enough. It's a pest really. Glad you got rid off it without any big damages.

Thanks for stopping by. Your warmth Welcome to join our giant international coktailparty (the new drink meme) the 1st!

There is no rules, it can be drinks you have had earlier or is drinking right no or whatever, it's all about having fun :-D

Walker said...

IU have that same soft5ware.
Its good.

Some people are stupid.
Journalists are a pain to but i am sure there are ways to avoid trouble to.

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ The justice system needs better rules and no slap on the wrist penalties. So sorry about the virus- from facebook - that's a worry, but I don't go there often.
I can read my grandchildren's doings is what I like best.
Thanks for your comments and I had a great week with Bec and with everyone else. Kathy and the 3 GDs
went home after 2 nights. Family really make life special Take great care, my friend,Love Merle.
Peter & Warren should be in Adelaide by now.