02 May 2009

The First Post for May

Some peculiar and colourful flowers and plants that we have growing here.

This is an ornamental ginger. The red part is not the flower, that's the little cream things on the top. In fact, it's the last of the flowers, they pop out all the way down the cone when the ginger is in full bloom.

I haven't a clue what this is, but it's a climber. The flower is that insignificant red bit at the top which, like the ginger, has tiny cream flowerlets. But I love the red stem and the green and cream variegated leaves. If anyone knows what this is, we'd be so pleased to find out.

A beautiful bromeliad flower.

Again, I don't know what this is called, but it's very common. The flower lasts for ages and I think this plant can be made into a hedge.

Purple with a pink flower...very colourful.

And a purple cordyline. A stunning sight when it's taller.


Gattina said...

Lovely flowers ! I have never seen them. I have to say that besides Roses, Tulips and a few others I don't know the names and honnestly I don't care as long as they are beautiful, lol !

Angelo said...

Wow Robyn, such interesting and exotic plants you got growing there! They look like fancy house plants or something we'd only see in a greenhouse over here. Happy May! Our vegetation is finally coming back to life here, and it looks like your winter is going just fine. Cheers!

Gledwood said...

i take it "ornamental" ginger means it doesn't make nice biscuits...?

talking of flower podderies, i saw an unopened lily next to a brand new white one, the kind they talk of gilding... i love those flowers i think they're a masterpiece of simplicity. why on earth they should stand for "death" is beyond me ...

Merle said...

G'day Robyn ~ Loved all the flowers
but couldn't help with the names.
I am glad you liked "The Goldberg
Air conditioner" story. I found it very interesting.
Our temps have been cold at night
down to 2 or 3C but nice days afterwards - around 14 to 19C It
just changed so quickly.
Take care, Love, Merle ((Hugs))

PEA said...

Oh wow, I'm always fascinated with the flowers you have over there, so different from ours! The only time I've seen some of your plants is when I was gone to the Botanical Greenhouse in Niagara Falls, they had many Australian plants in their tropical section. It was so hot in there, I was wilting! lol xoxo

RennyBA said...

What a great 1st of May post and quite different from mine (thanks for your comment which enriched the subject!)

This flowers are quite exotic to a Norwegian you know - thanks for sharing.

Happy weekend :-)

srp said...

Love the tropical plants...
I looked down at the other posts and what a cute puppy... what breed is it.. It looks like there might be a little cocker in there somewhere.

Michael Manning said...

Quite Nice. Spring has definitely sprung!

Peter said...

Robyn, re #2, send me a cutting if it survives my green thumb... its a weed!!!!!

Jack K. said...

Beautiful plants.

Thanks for sharing.

Mountain Mama said...

What interesting flowers. I had no idea Ginger looked like that.
The purple one with pink flower is really pretty. I wish it would grow here.

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