06 May 2009

Oh-h my poor feet!

Today was the shopping trip to Harbour Town with my daughter and granddaughter. As you may or may not remember, I had given my daughter a shopping trip, lunch and spending money for her birthday about a month ago. After synchronising dates that were suitable for the three of us, we set off at about 9 this morning. We were originally going to go in my car, but my daughter has "small car psychosis" going along the M1 and wanted to take the 4WD. Apparently she thinks her arse is dragging on the ground in a small car! I wasn't going to complain...heated leather seats, a motor that can't be heard and I didn't have to drive. Good stuff.

I wasn't really in shopping mode, today. I couldn't see anything I liked...not even shoes...tragedy! I also wanted to get new swimmers but there was nothing I liked in those, either. My daughter told me I was picky. I was today for some reason or other.

However, the other two got plenty of bargains. My daughter bought two pairs of shoes, a jacket and top. My granddaughter bought heaps of stuff...don't ask! I did buy Pink's latest album "Funhouse" which had sold out in Grand Plaza and I bought the cats a cat marijuana toy...you know, catnip. It sends them crazy...I think I'm going to regret that buy.

We had a delicious lunch. My granddaughter and I had nachos and my daughter had gourmet Cajun chicken on Turkish. Then we went next door to Zarraffa's for coffee. The others had a triple shot Fusion. I had my usual...black.

I had got up early, done my laundry and hung it out. However, just before I got home there had been a shower of rain so I'm in the process of giving it a quick burst in the drier.

That's all for now...not particularly rivetting, but hey, I can't be brilliant all the time...


Gattina said...

There are days like that when you just don't find anything ! but it must have been a very nice day 3 generations together ! I went to the scarecrow festival in Brussels at the Grand'Place have a look if you have time it's just under my "Coffin" bar !

Liz said...

And when you don't have any money, you'll see just the thing you want!

At least you had good food.

Hootin' Anni said...

Tho you didn't find anything, having time with your loved ones and shopping, well...it can't be a total loss. AND!----I love your flower post below too.

RennyBA said...

Hey; your brilliant all the time - course you share - and I remember the shopping trip with your daughter too :-)

Happy Weekend!

Lifecruiser said...

I always find it hard to find something when I go shopping nowadays. Maybe if I don't want to buy something, then it always are soooo many nice things!

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ Are you feeling all right??? Not buying anything on a shopping trip doesn't sound like you.
Nice to spend times with your girls. I hope your younger daughter's mouth has healed, sounded nasty.
I am quite over my fall now, and yes I have a safety buzzer, but didn't have it on that day. I have since!!
Glad you liked the Corinthians for
Mothers. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day. I have had falls that felt like a ton of bricks too, but this last one was indoors on carpet. Neither of us need any more though. Take caremy friend, Love, Merle.