11 June 2009

It's soooo cold

And I know all you people from cooler climes are going to roar your heads off laughing...but it's supposed to be subtropical here. Feels more like sub-Antarctic. I was sitting here working, been doing that from 6.30 and at 10.30, I decided it was time to see Ken and have a cup of coffee with him. Turned off the heating, opened the windows and doors...what a mistake! Icicles promptly formed everywhere...ok, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration. But there was a cold, icy southerly wind ripping up from the southern states to whistle around one's ears and other parts of the anatomy, no matter how well clothed one might be. I couldn't believe how cold it was.

Our average daytime temperature in the winter is 22C...usually lovely sunny days, cool in the wind but find a sheltered spot and it's bliss. Today, however, it is so cold. I can't believe how cold. I have no idea what the temperature is and couldn't for the life of me even hazard a guess, but one thing I do know...it's not 22C.

This is my train trip to Stanthorpe weekend. Now Stanthorpe sometimes gets snow. I rang my travelling companion this morning and we have decided to wear our warmest clothes including thermals. Although, as she pointed out, we will be inside most of the time...train, coach, restaurant, motel...so it's only going to be brief dashes between said vehicles and buildings where we will really feel the cold. I don't care...I've got scarf, hat, gloves and a warm jacket, leather boots and knee length socks to wear under my jeans. I might be bundled up so much I can hardly move, but my extremities will be warm and that's what's important.

Not sure if I will be posting before Saturday, but I'll have plenty to show and tell you when I come back. Have a good weekend.


Gattina said...

You are right ! I laugh my head off ! If we have 22 in summer and no rain we are already happy !! Please put a thermometer outside I really want to know what you call "cold", right now we have 12° in the mornings, 18°C during the day. Buy eskimo clothing before you leave and enjoy your trip !

Tammi said...

Whoa! The weather in Tx is NEVER what the weatherman says it's gona be...so that means
1.)we need a newc weatherman
2)The weather is just playing tricks w/ our heads

Jeanette said...

Gday Robyn..Ohh wear your thermals keep warm. and keep the bugs away. its freezing here im about 1hrs drive from the snowfields and were getting a icy winds when I put the new on at 7.30am its was still zero.had to get up to get the bus to Wang. for pennant we had a win by 4 shots..Thankfully our winters are short. BBRING ON SUMMER..

Cathy said...

Hello Kat
Well its nice to know that we are a sharing nation lol
I'm happy to share the cold weather we are having in Melbourne on the condition you have warmer days when we arrive in Bowen five weeks from now lol Once again will be staying till September.......... oh bliss:)
Enjoy your weekend - cold or warm you'll be away from home and all that that entails!!
Take care

Cathy said...

That should be you Robyn not Kat

Jellyhead said...

Isn't it frrrrrrrrrrrreezing?!!!

Keep well-wrapped in Stanthorpe - and take mittens so you can maybe build a snowman!!

Remiman said...

I wish for 22 degrees!
Have a great trip!

Liz said...

Have a good time!

22 is our idea of hot.

Peter said...

You'll give everyone the idea that we are wimps Robyn, try 0 degrees min and 11 degrees max like Gympie today then subtract about 5 degrees and you'll have Stanthorpe.

Walker said...

I guess when you are used to certain temperatures and they radically change one way or the other then quick change is felt the most.