13 December 2009

Ho Ho #@!*%# Ho! Bah, hunmbug and all that...

I've neglected you all lately.  But it's insane at this time of the year.  The other morning I had to go to the mall.  I was up there by 8.30, got a park in the cool covered carpark, whizzed around and did what I had to and got out  of there by 9.30.  By then, not a car park was to be found and the mall was packed.  It was hot and I was pleased to get home, turn the air con on and relax for the rest of the day.  I only have to brave the mall once more and then I'm finished!  Bliss...

I've posted all but one parcel overseas.  The cost of postage is astronomical.  I paid $74 to send a 2 kg parcel to my grandson in Holland.  What was inside didn't even come to that much!  I think next Christmas, I''ll just deposit some money in his bank account.  Altthough he does love getting the Australian sweets and biscuits, etc that he can't get in Holland...so maybe I'll just keep posting stuff...sigh.

My mum is 90 on Tuesday.  She and Harold are away for their weekend at the moment.  I do hope the weather is fine for them as New Zealand can be pretty unpredictable.  I posted her a DVD of Il Divo in Barcelona for her birthday, which I hope she will enjoy.  Those guys have beautiful voices.

* * * * * * * *

My writers' group had our Christmas dinner on Wednesday night.  We had lovely food, wonderful service and very nice champagne.  There was also good conversation including lots of witty repartee.  Well, after a couple of glasses of champers, we thought we were very witty!

* * * * * * * *

Next week, Jacqui and David are having afternoon drinks and nibblies at their place on the Sunday and on the Friday Jane and I will be going to a cocktail party put on by the practice she works for and whom I used to work for.  It's an orthopaedic group and I was one of the original staff members when the practice started.  It will be lovely to see "The Boys", as we called the surgeons, once again.

It has been rather warm here...up to 40 C, and being an hour from the coast, we don't get the afternoon sea breezes...I bless the person who invented air conditioning.

 In my finery before heading out to our writer's group dinner.  I had this taken before I put my flashing Christmas earrings in.  Very cheap and trashy they are,  but delightfully so.

Okay, that's my lot for now.   I hope the silly season isn't driving you too nuts.  I was reading this through...it's a bit disjointed but that's how I feel at the moment.  Oh dear, too bad, never mind...


Jack K. said...

Sounds about right for this time of year, except for the heat.

I know what you mean about postage to other countries. We have friends from France. Since we are able to visit them almost every other year and they come see us in the "off" years we usually exchange gifts at that time.

Great photo. You may be onto something about flashing Christmas earrings being trashy. Every once in a while we gotta do the "crazy" thing. I'm sure everyone enjoyed them.

Got any remedies for a head cold?

btw, if you are able to get back to facebook, I did post some photos of Christmas lights on our neighbours homes. The sight of snow might cool you a tad bit. Or not.

Have a happy holiday. And give Bella and Mitzi neck scratch for Maryann and me.

Cindy said...

I can't imagine it being warm for Christmas. It is pretty cold here right now. You look lovely and I hope you'll have a Merry Christmas.

Hootin' Anni said...

Right now, I wish I lived where YOU live...it's winter here and freezing with the humidity off the seacoast! When it's 40 degrees [F] the humidity and the chill factor makes if feel like freezing temps.

Love the blue blouse! You look dashing.

And yes, I know what you mean about the cost of shipping overseas...anywhere actually, it's not right. LOL

Mountain Mama said...

It's too bad I can't send you some of our cool temps and you send me some warmth. It warmed up and snowed here today but has mostly melted off this evening.
The cost of sending a parcel through the postal service (snail mail) is rediculous here too. They wanted close to $60. to send a package across the United States, but U*P*S sent it for around $20. I sure am thankful for them.
You look so pretty in that lovely shade of blue. I hope you had a great time.

Tinsie said...

Nice pic of you!

Gattina said...

You look great on this picture ! I suppose you look great any time, lol !
I just thought (again) this morning that you disappeared from Blogworld again.
I know that the postage costs are horrendous, I am sure he can find Australian stuff at least in England, even in Brussels we have Australian ice cream, you can see the stand tomorrow on my travel blog. In Waterloo we have an English store where you find all things from Christmas puddings to pies and scones, it's just great. I got some Christmas pudding there for Mr. G. who loves it. They also have spices, in short everything which a Supermarket in England has too.
I invited our neighbours yesterday to the traditional german hot wine we were 9 and it was so nice that I forgot to take pictures, lol ! We have 0°C here ! Send me a bit of your 40° !

Walker said...

Trashy's hot ;)

I wish we had your hot weather here though.

Angelo said...

Looking great Robyn! Enjoy the silly season.... 40C!! r u kidding me... actually it's been pretty balmy here, it only finally snowed the other day.... when I say balmy I mean low single digits though :)

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ Two posts in 2 days -
are you feeling OK? or is the heat getting to you? It's close to 40C
here today. Love the photo which shows your weight loss - well done.
The book sounds great, but teary.
Glad you have a few nice parties to enjoy - it is a nice time of year as well as the silly season. But it sure is hectic. Have a wonderful Christmas my friend, with family and friends and a great
New Year. Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

December is always like the hectic month. My god 40 degrees! That's so warm. My friend from Australia told me the same thing as well.

Peter said...

Lookin' hot Babe!!!!!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

You have been very busy it sounds like. I love that picture of you...Also at Christmas you can wear those "trashy" earrings...Smile.