10 January 2010

Suspect Supermarket Sweet Talker

The other day I mentioned I had to go the supermarket for a couple of things.  As Ken was also going in that direction, he suggested we may as well go in the one car.

I had a couple of other things to do first, then went into the supermarket, picked up the stuff I wanted and made my way to the fast check out.  Ken was already there, turned and gave a brief wave when he saw me.

As he finished at the check out, I went up to the same check out lady, put my purchases down and rummaged around in my bag for my wallet.  Ken turned around to me and said,

"Gee, you're a nice looking lady.  Would you like to come home with me?"

Meanwhile I've suddenly realised I'm a dollar short in change and rather than putting it on my card, turned around and asked Ken if he had a dollar.  He pulled out five dollars and handed it to me.

"That'll do," I said, grabbing it and handing it over to the check out lady.

Ken then made the comment, "It's easy to pick up women...just show them money."

I happened to glance up at the cashier and she had very bemused look on her face.  Ken and I walked out the supermarket giggling like a couple of school kids.


Cindy said...

Now that's funny!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha that's hilarious. I can just imagine the look of the cashier when she heard that.

Peter said...

Only asking a dollar... but getting $5 must tell us something.... but what???

Gattina said...

Hehehe ! wished I would have been a little mouse there !

Jack K. said...


It's great to have friends with a sense of humour.

Peter may be on to something. snerx.

Liz said...

What great fun!

Margaret Cloud said...

I enjoyed this and it gave me my smile for the day. Hope you are having a nice week.

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Ha ha ha! moments like that are just priceless!!!!! I love it!!!

PEA said...

ROFL, that's too funny! Steve and I do things like that when we go away and have so much fun with it...we really love confusing people, especially when they think we're married. lol

I've been slowly catching up with everyone...and I mean slowly! lol Been decluttering my house since I took down the Christmas decorations. Going room to room and getting rid of everything and anything that I haven't used in a year. Going to have the mother of all yard sales come Spring...also brought boxes full at the charity thrift shop so they're happy too:-)

Have you and Jane tried out the Wii fit yet? My son Shawn has it and although I've watched him play a couple of times, I've never tried it. I really don't need another thing to get addicted to! lol

I do hope you've gotten more RSVP's for your birthday party? So many people wait until the last minute to give their answers. If I lived near, I'd be there for sure:-) xoxo

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...


I like this story. I'm glad you had fun.

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhh, I like this!!! How can I not like this. I bet the giggles were loud and so worth every second of the fun.

Tinsie said...

Haha this one's a classic! I wonder what went through the cashier's mind :-)

Mountain Mama said...

Love it!! You two have a wonderful sense of humor!
Thanks for sharing.

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ How very funny you two
are - poor cashier lady, probably worrying about you getting picked up
by some Casanova. All for $5.00.
Glad you enjoyed my last post and got some laughs. The cooler weather is great but on Friday it goes to 41 again.
The tragedy continues in Haiti with the occasional good news story of
rescue. It is so terrible for all those people and so many dead.
As you say, monetary assistance and prayers are all we can do.

Take care dear friend and have a wonderful birthday on the 20th and
a great party. Enjoy your special time. Love and Hugs, Merle.

Jeanette said...

gday Robyn. slowly making my way around blogland.. Your visit to the supermarket gave me quite a giggle, Hehehe
my grands have got wii and have so much fun with it playing all the games. another friend got a wiisports as a promotion gift when she purchased a tv, was playing the tennis Game with her hubby lunged forward broke both her ankles and was wheel chair bound for weeks... take care ..

Walker said...

That sounds about right.
Pick up more chicks at the supermarket and walk mart than at the local pub.
But i think you should have held out for more like a complete dinner with dessert.HA HA HA

Christine and FAZ said...

My hubbie does that sort of thing to me too, except I blush.

sanjeet said...

. I can just imagine the look of the cashier when she heard that

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