03 December 2006

Some Views of Brisbane and Surrounds

This post is for all Northern Hemisphere bloggers who are shivering in their winter. I hope these views keep you warm just for a little while. All these places a relatively short drive from the Brisbane CBD.

This is Tingalpa Creek, in the metropolitan area, and the tide is in, which makes for a wonderful "reflective' moment

A wet eucalypt forest on Tamborine Mountain, where Lee lives, a truly magical place. There are loads of walking trails and the abundant wildlife is quite readily seen at times.

Pumicestone Passage, which runs between Bribie Island and the mainland, is a favourite haunt of the dugong. They graze in the seagrass beds there and as it is a protected marine park, the dugongs are safe from man.

Brown Lake on North Stradbroke Island (or "Straddie" to the locals). This island has a lot of peat bogs with the peat layer about a metre deep, thus the water table is often close to the surface. Walking through these swamps is a bit like struggling through mud flats - and just as much fun!

Piccabeen Palms in Mt Mee State Forest. Mt Mee is actually 60 km northwest of Brisbane - about 90 minutes' drive, and is a beautiful place to visit for a picnic and swim. Around this area and part of the D'Aguilar range to the south, are believed to have been inhabited by three different Aboriginal groups earlier on, so there is a lot of history here.

Sand dunes on Moreton Island. Imagine sliding down these - what fun!!

Illaweena Lagoons in Karawatha Forest Reserve, 18 km south of Brisbane GPO. Karawatha is a Brisbane City Council reserve and is important for being an open space buffer between residential areas on the south side of the city and the northern boundary of Logan City. It's particularly far-sighted of the Council as so many areas of bushland are being sacrificed to development.

I love the contrast of light and shadow of the dead tree against the deep blue of the sky - very dramatic.

Cedar Creek - another part of the Mount Tamborine area.

Bribie Island which although supporting residences, is 80% or so national park. It has two types of beach. The sheltered side and the ocean side. The beaches are beautiful but I wonder about the wisdom of letting four wheel drive vehicles onto the beaches as happens throughout the coast.

Mangroves at Nudgee Beach, 15 km northeast of the GPO, another Brisbane City Council Reserve. The Boondall Wetlands, of which this is part, are a very important area and a vital and complex habitat for birds, fish, reptiles and other wildlife. (This also includes the biggest mosquitoes I have ever seen. I swear they were so big, they could carry you off!!)

The bat colony at Indooroopilly Island. People flock here to see the bats fly off of an evening, yet at Flossy's place, we can see this wonderful sight every evening for free. They have the most wonderful bat colony in the casuarinas at the bottom of their land. On a summer's evening, we sit out on the verandah and watch them fly off in their hundreds, then they return at sunup and roost for the day. They look like animated seed pods!

An aerial view of Nudgee Creek.

Bald Hills Creek. This is part of the Tinchi Tamba (don't you love the name?) wetland located on the flood plain of the Brisbane River. There is a boat ramp, disabled access and picnic facilities and is only 30 minutes' drive from Brisbane.

A clump of black tea-trees in the Mt Nebo area, again only a short drive from Brisbane, in the Brisbane Forest Park.

I hope you enjoyed this brief visit to our beautiful State, or a small part of the South East of Queensland! The photos and information are found in the wonderful Queensland Museum book "Wild Places of Greater Brisbane", the companion of "Wildlife of Greater Brisbane" which I have posted from in the past.


Lee said...

Great pictures, Robyn. It's pouring here at the moment, which is just wonderful! I hope it keeps up all night long, though it probably won't...a storm is raging. I called the cats in but they didn't come so I guess they're sheltering under my car. That will teach them not to listen to me! ;)

annadams95340 said...

Beautiful pictures but I still don't feel a lot warmer.

At least I'm not in Columbia MO which had 15 inches of snow today.

We never get past around freezing here and that not very often.

I suggested to my friend Lady Jan (who lives right down the road from me) that we pack up and come visit our Australian friends.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Lee - Thanks for that. Yes, we've had plenty of rain and I just looked on the radar and there is more coming. Yippeeee! I thought Oscar was outside but he was under my bed, he hates thunder and it was getting a bit loud for him, big sook that he is!

Ann - 15 inches of snow. Brrrr! I think it's a wonderful idea for you to come and visit. See you soon!! Actually come for Saturday, 09 Dec, we're having a pre-Christmas get together of friends and family - all welcome!

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~ Great photos, thanks for sharing them with us. We sure do have a wonderful country. Thanks for your comments. Everyone loved the kid's jokes, 'specially the dead bird one.
"into the hole he goes". Thanks again for them. I must look for some more.
Blogger messed up my last post, small print and no colour.Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Remiman said...

A very nice tour indeed. I'm even more convinced that my son should move to Australia next year so I'll have the excuse to visit. He will finish his MBA this spring. At the moment he has decided to accept his company's offer to work down under. We'll see.
He works for a french company called Bureau veritas.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Merle - yep we sure do have a wonderful country - it's full Aussies, how could it be anything else? Lol!

Rel - Glad you liked the photos, but I can guarantee you'd like the real thing even more, so you'd better come and visit!

Peter said...

Beautiful pics Robyn, you shouldn't have mentioned they were from a book we were all admiring your photographic skills.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Thanks, Peter. I thought I had better acknowledge the publisher or I might be sued for plagiarism or breach of something.

PEA said...

Ya right...to warm us up...more to make us jealous me thinks!!!! hehe Oh dear Robyn, you make me want to go visit your beautiful country so badly! Australia has so much to offer and the scenery and landscape looks to be breathtaking...I won't fly, think I can take a boat there?? lol I have a canoe in my backyard...hmmm I guess that wouldn't work! hehe xoxo

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Carole, I think you would have very sore arms after canoeing here! lol. Thank you for your kind comments, though.

Actually you asked me a few days ago about my Chrisco Hampers. It's a scheme whereby we chose from a catalogue of various hampers and pay them off over 52 weeks. They're for Christmas and are mainly variations of food and drink packages. I've ordered three for next year - a pantry pack, a freezer pack and a sauces, spices and marinade pack. Of course by this time next year I will have forgotten what I've ordered and that makes it very exciting. Loooove my Chrisco hampers!!

Hugs xoxo

Merle said...

Hi again Robyn ~ Thanks so much for your comments about the photo and the post. Yes, Bunnings do pretty well
out of me too. They have a great selection of everything. I was so
grateful to have help in the garden as I cannot do much myself. You take care Robyn, and watch out for that
brown snake. Love, Merle.

Mountain Mama said...

What a huge variety of scenery you have. Actually it looks like you have just about everything, jungle to sand dunes. What fun you must have exploring it all.
Your pictures are just wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them.