27 May 2007

Soapbox Time

I've just finished reading a book called "Obsession" by a British writer called Susan Lewis. It would loosely come under the genre, if there was one, of "Chick Lit". It's a murder, mystery, romance, psychological thriller type book, well written and set in the television industry. First published in 1993, it features the usual sex scenes, but not gratuitously so, and some rather disturbing scenes written of the sexual abuse and degradation of women and children. Again, a lot is left to the reader's imagination but enough is given for the reader to get a pretty clear idea of what is going on. All well and good (or maybe not).

On the cover of this book is, in black print, the comment "deliciously decadent" with, underneath, in green print, "Living". Presumably some yuppie-type lifestyle magazine. I've never heard of it, not that that means anything, but it gave me pause to wonder. Who, in their right mind, would call sexual abuse and degradation of women and children, deliciously decadent? Only someone with serious psychological problems themselves, I reckon. I mean this is the background of the whole story...because the main protagonist commits murder trying to exorcise what was done to himself and his sister, as children, by a violent and perverted father.

To call this novel deliciously decadent is crass and unmitigatingly insensitive and I really do wonder about the git who wrote that comment. Was he/she so totally oblivious to what this book was about, or did they close their eyes to the thread of abuse running through the story, or did they even read the bloody book? I find it very hard to credit that someone would make that comment and that whoever designed the cover, would actually include the comment without questioning it (then again, they probably hadn't read the book, either).

Actually, if I'd had any idea of the storyline, I probably wouldn't have taken the book out of the library in the first place. As I said, the scenes aren't too graphic, but are descriptive enough to give anyone a chilling insight into what these women and children had to put up with. The blurb gave no idea whatsoever about that. When I read the few lines on the back of the cover, I thought it was murder mystery with a bit of romance and naturally, a bit of the bitchiness and sabotage that probably goes on in that industry...and I felt like a bit of "Chick Lit" this weekend.

Anyway, that's my rant...thanks for listening or, should I say, reading. I hope you've had a lovely weekend. No rain, but what's new?


"Early Bird" said...

I hate books that include too much detail of abuse or torture of any kind...I don't believe whoever wrote that even read the book!!
I recently tried a book by a so called Christian author that included the above and I just could not stomach it at all...it had no redeeming qualities in my eyes...I mean...I know this stuff happens but I don't like to entertain myself with this type thing...and that is what reading is to me entertainment...

Liz said...

I agree with early bird. I like reading to be entertaining, usually frothy especially as I read last thing at night.

Meow said...

I, too, agree with early bird. Reading is meant to be fun ... that book sure doesn't sound like fun.
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow

PEA said...

I remember once going to see a movie at the cinema...partway through the movie, they started showing scenes of a child being sexually abused...I walked out. Why anyone would find this entertaining in either a movie or a book, is beyond me. As for whoever wrote the commentary on that book you read, I had a friend who worked in the publishing business and he said that these people never read the book, they only get a short summary of it, then have to come up with commentary. xoxo

Peter said...

And now for something completely different... we had some quite heavy rain sat night and sunday, not dam filling but good rain though.

Lee said...

Obviously uninformed advertising nonsense to draw the would-be-buyer towards the book. They should get their facts straight first before just willy-nilly writing senseless phrases on covers to describe the storyline and encourage purchasers.

There still is such a thing as "false advertising"!